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Mar 22, 2006
~'88 1872(sold); '08 GT2554
Bought it new. Really can't remember which year it is.
Anyway I just replaced the engine main seals. Not a particularity hard job. The driveshaft 'barrels' threw me for a loop for a bit but figured all that out.
If someone could show mea pic of the throttle linkage, especially the two main, larger springs and where they're attached I'd be very appreciative. The governor is acting up a little.
I also changed the transmission oil for the first time(yeah I know) but it was pretty clear. Dang that stuff is expensive!
She runs and cuts great still. Gonna make some fenders of sorts to keep the front tires from packing up the deck with grass. Gonna attach shields to the deck. I think that would be easier than actual fenders.
Long time no post. Hello 'savageactor'? and Gary Bailey if you're still on here.
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What engine does it have in it ?

OK here is some info from the service manual:

This governor design works as follows:
- Centrifugal force acting on rotating governor gear assembly causes fl yweights to move outward as speed increases. Governor spring tension moves them inward as speed decreases.

- As fl yweights move outward, they cause regulating pin to move outward.

- Regulating pin contacts tab on cross shaft causing shaft to rotate. One end of cross shaft protrudes through crankcase. Rotating action of cross shaft is transmitted to throttle lever of carburetor through external linkage.

- When engine is at rest, and throttle is in FAST position, tension of governor spring holds throttle plate open. When engine is operating, governor gear assembly is rotating. Force applied by regulating pin against cross shaft tends to close throttle plate. Governor spring tension and force applied by regulating pin balance each other during operation, to maintain engine speed.

- When load is applied and engine speed and governor gear speed decreases, governor spring tension moves governor lever to open throttle plate wider. This allows more fuel into engine, increasing engine speed. As speed reaches governed setting, governor spring tension and force applied by regulating pin will again offset each other to hold a steady engine speed.

Sensitivity Adjustment
Governor sensitivity is adjusted by repositioning
governor spring in holes of governor lever. If speed
surging occurs with a change in engine load, governor
is set too sensitive. If a big drop in speed occurs when
normal load is applied, governor should be set for
greater sensitivity and adjust as follows:
1. To increase sensitivity, move spring closer to
governor cross shaft.
2. To decrease sensitivity, move spring away from
governor cross shaft.
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diesel_nut, greetings and salutations, I'm pretty sure you got your 2544 around 2007-8, cause that when I got mine. btw I got a 44" deck and it cuts so much better...that is no clumping.