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Nice looking fuel station. Do you have any idea how much your set up weighs? I get tired of hauling cans to fuel my B26TLB. It doesn't leave the property very much. The BX2230 goes into town to mow and snowblow, so I can fuel it up at the station. Thanks. Jon

Not much empty. My pallet prob weighes more than the tank. Maybe 100-110 lbs both combined if I had to guess. Adding 60 gallons of diesel would bring it to about 520lbs total when full.
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This picture confuses me. Why did you take your pallets off with the tractor chained down on the trailer?

Because this was about trip #9 or 10 to the Case dealer for repairs and I did not plan to bring it back home. The new Kubota should be ready next week if all of the add on options show up for install.
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I will never store ethanol gas in a bulk tank again. It has caused problems in three Polaris SxS’s, and a Jeep. Treating with Stabil and SeaFoam did not solve the water issues.

I now purchase non-ethanol and store in non vented cans.

Diesel is stored in a reefer tank and is treated with three additives. 50 gallons last about 3-4 months.