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Jan 22, 2022
ford 3000 and MF35

I have an old style loader on a Massey Ferguson 35 and would like to be able to use the tractor without it. Any ideas on how to remove it so it's easy to remove and reattach? I'm thinking of a stand that supports the loader from one side. The arms and rams are on loose pins so they pull out once the weight is off them. The hydraulics hoses of course would need to be quick release.


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I had a "quick attach" loader on a kubota b8200 once. It wasn't very quick to remove but the worst part is the tractor was nearly un useable with no front weight. I almost couldn't steer in 2in of snow.

That type of loader I wouldnt remove with out some type of cratle to sit it in on a concrete pad and have the heavens aligned along with a blessing from a preist.
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Yep. I was also seeing a cradle, and perfect alignment of the necessary stars, blood of rare wild animals on the altar and a representation of all locally relevant religions.
Removing might be more trouble than it's worth. I also could not see an easier way.
Thanks for input
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I'd make a metal storage rack on 8" urethane coated lockable swivel steel wheels to make it easy to roll around the shop and tuck away into storage.
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Is that your picture, or just one that you found?

I ask because I have a MF 1540 with a detachable loader; it has two legs of the front arms that fold down to support the loader when it it detached (basically right about where that wood cross bar). There can’t be anything on the end (where that jack is) because you need to drive the tractor in there.

Taking it off might be easy. Putting it back on may be a lengthy and frustrating process. On mine, the hoses need to be hooked up and the bucket needs to be on in order to finagle the pin holes in the arms into the correct position in order to stick the pins in. It can be a pain.

You can do it; just might be very difficult.

If you are trying to eliminate the bouncing of the loader when you’re mowing (or whatever), maybe just remove the bucket and see if that improves things sufficiently
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I’d say find a true quick detach one and do your best to copy it. These days most of the cut tractors have one. Mine comes off in less than 5 minutes.
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Just get an old A frame and two cheap come alongs. Works like a charm.