February 1-2 snowstorm

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Feb 28, 2005
Central Square, NY
Just a couple pics of today's plowing. Had 12" in the driveway when I left for work at 5AM today. Found another 5" when I got home. 17" so far in 2 days and still snowing a little. Outside temp right now at 5:30 PM is 2* with a wind chill of -10*. Nice to get some seat time. Punxatawny Phil says 6 more weeks of winter here.


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About 15" in central NH after sighting a not-quite full Moon.
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I traveled through the Newark airport this morning....of course lots of big snow removal machines were busy. Interestingly, I saw a number of giant snow pushers that were somehow attached to the front of a FEL bucket by some sort of frame that surrounded the underside of the bucket. I didn't have a chance to snap a photo.
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A lot of the bigger snow pushers have a u channel the bucket slides into. Then the top is chained on. This makes them easy to add and remove.
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That's some DEEP global warming
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Would need 100+ years of snowstorms (or any other weather) to prove/disprove global warning. I honestly don't care either way, but I do find it comical when people will cite a single weather event, or a single season, or even several years, and suggest that's evidence for/against. That isn't the right timescale for climate! Unless someone has data that stretches over centuries, you can pretty much ignore it all together.
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you mean storm linus? anyway- it sure is a bit odd to have this much snow after a calm winter. plus 6 more weeks of winter.
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Winter storms do not have names.