Excavator flail.

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Mar 31, 2021
It works impressively well. Will have to see about the longevity of it since it was only 2k. I’m going to mod it so it has a door that can open on the front to mulch tall trees and vines easier. The tree I’m holding is what we call an ironwood and is a pretty tough wood.
   / Excavator flail.
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Better than an Excavator fail!
For sure.
need a few seconds video
Yeah I need a tripod or something. It’s pretty cool starting at the top of the little tree and ending up with nothing but mulch.

I hate that I can’t jump turn with it on though. Been so long since I turned without I forgot how much damage the tracks do.
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Nice mini and flail. Does that mower need a third line I think it's called a drain line? If so where or how did you plumb it in? Great price, new or used? Cripes have prices for even a small rotary cutter for a mini x skyrocketed.
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I hate to say it, but a flail is only suitable for grasses and light brush. Been there and made that mistake. A fixed tooth muchir is what you need.
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Nice setup. (y)