Dogs wondering off to die?

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My best buddy, Rocky Dog passed 8 years ago tomorrow; I still can't talk about it without tearing and choking up. I've never known another pain like that...


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I fully understand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t open your picture for some reason but I’m certain Rocky Dog was fantastic. Any dog loved is fantastic.

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Thanks everyone. Have covered a lot of ground on foot and ATV yesterday and today. Looked around logs, brush piles, and walked all of the many ravines and ditches on the property with no luck. I wouldn't think a 200lb dog would be hard to find. He was so week I didn't expect him to be far but who knows. Last pic I took from a few weeks ago.

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....tough situation....where is your longtime friend? I would also search high and low to hopefully find him. The "not knowing" would keep me up nights. I hope you find him.
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I am very sorry for your loss. All dogs are special to their owners. I always have at least 4 dogs, but the best dog I ever had was a Bull mastiff/Neopolitan mastiff mix. Mulder was 185 pounds and incredibly intelligent and loving. Unfortunately, giant breeds don't live long. I lost Mulder in 2007 and still miss him incredibly.
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Yes absolutely. This has happened with 2 of our farm dogs. THe last was a 14 year old black lab. Wonderful dog, loved people and protected his family well. We found him dead a mile away in a neighbors pasture. He had been having issues for some time.

I am sorry, it is very difficult to loose a companion. I do hope you find him, but if not rest assured he did what he thought was right and you should respect his choice.
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J, I feel your pain. Losing Diesel would be as hard as my losing my Duke many years ago. I had my Duke from 8 weeks old until well after I got out of the Army. I lived upstairs in a garage apartment with my new wife and my old friend Duke. Young neighbors downstairs got friendly with my Duke. One morning I woke up and Duke was gone. So were the downstairs neighbors.

I spent many many hours looking for my old friend - and the scoundrel ex-neighbors that obviously stole my dog, but to no avail. It would have be a very ugly sight if I'd found them. Hopefully Diesel did not experience the same fate.
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Had it happen with one of our Weimaraners. We knew he was nearing the end. He never wandered during his last few months. One day, off he went. Found him a few hundred yards away, laying near a tree, still alive, but he couldn't move. We carried him to the truck, took him to the vet and had him euthanized. He's buried in the yard.

jk96, hope you find your buddy and can give him a proper goodbye.
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Anyone with experience on this? How far have they gone? I've heard that this is commonl and am now trying to find ours. Diesel our English Mastiff is 10 years old and really took a down turn this last week. Yesterday breathing was heavy and would not eat so we made an appointment for the vet today to have him put down. Even dug the hole yesterday. This morning when we woke up he was gone. I've covered a lot of ground today looking but unfortunately no luck so far.
Had a Great Dane that did this as he approached the end. I had to hold him up just for him to pee.

I'm wondering if dogs know the end is near and would rather meet the end on their terms instead being put down at a vet?
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Your dog was probably looking for a nice spot to end it all and didn't want to have you experience his end. I'm truly sorry for this situation you and the wife are experiencing. I know how the loss of a beloved family pet can affect the family.

One of the very few times I wept out loud. I've had to put a couple of my dogs down.