Can a Mahindra 1626 pull an RV?

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Mar 24, 2021
New Market, Alabama
1626 Mahindra
I'm going to start off with yep I did a dumb thing and now I may need my tractor to get me out of a jam. So I was moving my RV around with my truck (2015 GMC Sierra) in my yard to get it to its new resting home and out of the low spot. It had rained several days earlier but I believed the ground was dry enough to move it to the new spot up a slight incline without issue. Well, it made it about 3/4 of the way before it started spinning the truck tires, not AT tires, in the grass and dirt. I did not bury the truck or anything crazy but did get things a little out of line with the back end of the truck trying to slide around. I decided to stop and wait a few more days before attempting to move the RV again and left the truck and RV connected. I am now debating if I should try again with the truck or if should I get the Mahindra 1626 out and connect it to the RV and move it the last 100 feet up an incline. Or do I need to phone a friend and connect the tractor to the truck? So my questions are:

1. Can the Mahindra 1626 pull an RV safely?
2. Is there a risk of too much weight on the back of the tractor causing it to go ass-over-tea-kettle?
3. Can the standard steel bar for connecting a ball hitch support the load? (The one Mahindra hides under the seat.)
4. Are there other concerns I haven't thought of yet?
5. Other ideas or suggestions?

Camper Details
Dry Weight: 6,427 lbs.
GVWR: 7,740 lbs.
Hitch Weight: 740 lbs.

**Update I don't have a 3-point ball hitch. I just have a short drawbar that came with the tractor**
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tractor data shows can lift well over 740 lbs on the 3 point. question is how high do you need the 3 point to keep the RV somewhat level? Lift to high and start pulling could lighten the front end. Other problem is backing up the 3 point will want to lift to full height on its own.

What kind of tires do you have on the 1626? It weighs less than your pick up but should be far more manueverable if does not spin out.
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I'd do it slow. I moved a 7k trailer with a 4k hitch very slowly in a parking lot with no issue.
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that said you prolly would do better putting a tow strap on the tractor, and pulling the truck. I am not remotely impressed with the traction capability of my mahindra
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I would leave the truck connected and if doesn't immediately pull the camper, use the tractor to assist the truck pulling the camper out. This is easier overall and lets you pull from the drawbar on the tractor which always the safest bet.
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Might be ok, I would get it on the draw bar as opposed to the 3 pt. Depending on the slope, be careful unhooking, make sure chalk is good. I would not pull "through" the truck, they don't like that, frame damage is much easier than a person would believe.


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If the trailer was being moved on flat ground, that's one thing, but the word "incline" concerns me.
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I used to have a Gibson tractor. It was made in 1945 and powered by a 7 HP Wisconsin engine. The tractor was small enough to fit into the back of my 1993 Toyota pickup. My son used it to maneuver an RV trailer that weighed about 5000 lbs. I was shocked. The reason he could do this was because the tongue weight wasn't excessive and the hitch location on the Gibson is very close to and below the rear axle centerline. So, if the tongue weight is not too high and you use a ball mounted to your drawbar and the ball is kept as close as possible to the rear axle I don't think you will have a problem. After all, won't your 3PH lift at least 600 lbs? And what is the tongue weight? I thought tongue weights on RV trailers weren't that much, something like 10% to 15% of trailer weight. I think your tractor should be able to move your RV easily.