Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

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Most modern tractors are today (aluminum pressure die castings) .. they will still crack under undue stress, but so will cast iron for that matter.
I recently got an example of how fragile poor-quality cast iron can be. We have some garden benches that are badly weathered. Nearly identical (when they were new) to the photo below.

Years ago I had snagged one end of a bench getting too close with the mower and broke a foot off. Then bought some nickel rod and welded it back on. Recently when I went to move that bench, the rotten wood slats disintegrated and as I dropped the bench, the other foot on the welded end broke off. Ok, we have 3 more benches like this, its time to junk this one.

For an experiment I dropped the already-broken cast iron end onto an anvil (RR rail) on the shop floor. Sure enough it shattered into 2 pieces. A couple more drops and the debris was small enough to put in the wastebasket. (Bad) cast iron is brittle!

   / Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT? #122  
I have the Yanmar YT235C with the Yanmar B75 backhoe with thumb
I just had to replace about 18 feet of sewer pipe roots sure glad that
I have it. The thumb is great for removing rocks sure saves on the back. Only thing I don't like is replacing the quick hitch on after taking
the backhoe off.