1. D

    Welding on 55 Gal Drum

    I want to weld some skids on my 55 gallon drum for diesel fuel. The skids would allow me to put a drain in the bottom so the drain, pipe and valve wouldn’t get damaged. However, if I weld on the bottom rim will it leak afterwards?
  2. S

    Pallet fork width adjustment

    So I found an old set of pallet forks on our property. I removed the mounting brackets (allis-chalmers) on them, and added a quick-attach bracket. The left fork adjusts in/out to change the spacing between the two forks. The problem is that the sliding is really rough in some spots and loose in...
  3. blacktruck

    Welding plastic

    Recently I have developed a need to weld a broken fender on my tractor. I did a search and ran across some old threads on this. I'll make a guess and think that most likely the technology to even do that has changed a bit since those were posted. Does anyone on here have any experience with a...
  4. P

    Ford 1210 put a hole in rear axle housing. Pics. Fix ideas?

    Hi TBN, I was in the woods with by Ford 1210 with a box blade on it moving stuff around. I didn't realize that the woods pulled one of the pins out of my left 3 point hitch arm and it came off the pin at the tractor. I backed up with the the blade lowered to push some dirt and instead pushed...
  5. S

    Adding brakes to tandem axle trailer, no brake flanges

    I have a nice solid tandem trailer, but they built it using axles without flanges. I am handy with welder, wondering if I could weld on a set of flanges. The trailer shop I took it too said the weld on flanges they had would not work, not sure why. I assume they just were not comfortable doing...
  6. Little Red Tractor

    Some basic torch advice

    After thinking it would be a good idea, I finally have put a set of torches together, buying pieces by way of FB Marketplace and Craigs List. Once I get them all assembled, I need to get back into the groove--it's been about 35 years since I've had my hands on a torch, let alone set the...
  7. W

    welding tubes with a fillet weld

    Hello everyone! I am designing a tractor implement for harvesting root crops. Similar to this one (), but stronger construction with cutting discs in front of it to prevent weed jam. These images will help you understand my question. The whole implement is 1400mm wide and the pipe at angle is...