Yardmax track barrow anyone?

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Jul 28, 2007
Any thoughts on this powered track barrow? I've watched a number of videos where people seem to like them for being able to move a few hundred pounds of rock or firewood over terrain that would be inaccessible to a tractor.

I've got an area where I will be clearing out some smaller trees with a chainsaw this winter. Not a lot of working room for my tractor, and there are a bunch of thorn trees so the rubber tracks would be great for avoiding flat tires. I'm thinking it would be handy to carry my chainsaw, gas, portable gas winch, ropes, etc.

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I don't know, but I did look at the link you provided. While I didn't read the literature on this item, you may want to see how it turns. Do you have to force it, or does it have skid-steer type turning ?

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I could see where it would be useful and should work as designed. In tight spaces it would shine but making sharp turns probably will be rough on the grass. They said zero turn in the description but it looks like just brake steering.

Looks like they may offer attachments for it as well. At least I saw a snow plow so there may be more? Let us know if you get one and how you like it.
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It has independent brakes levers to control each track. The YT videos show it turning pretty easily like a mini skid steer as well as climbing over modest obstacles that would be a pain to push a normal wheelbarrow over.

I haven't seen other attachments for it besides the snow plow. I only saw one video of it being used in snow and the guy was carrying firewood in it, not plowing snow.
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I thought about the hydraulic dump version which has 1100 lb capacity vs 660 lbs for the normal wheelbarrow one that has a manual dump lever + cylinder assist. I think the simpler version would be enough for me, but I could see someone getting the hydraulic dump if they plan on moving a lot of material with it.

Haven't really thought of what it could be, but I wonder if there would be something else that the hydraulic could be adapted to doing? Like a mini set of log forks? The carrying tub is positioned over the tracks so I'm guessing forks would get to be too front heavy? Why even lift the wood by hand into the tub if you could convert this thing to use a modest set of forks?
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Here's is one I tested. Not me in pic.
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What did you think? Useful?
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From the web site. They have a video on there site
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