why so many jeeps now on road?

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One thing for sure...Jeep Wranglers do hold their resale value.
For sure. They are at the top of the list
I see them as a costume. For all the "Manly" types out there...
A guy in my neighborhood is like 85 and drives his old Jeep with 2 little American flags in the back corner. Served in the 2nd Marine battalion in Korea with plenty of medals for heroism.
Avoid stereotypes. Many women drive Jeep’s, too ;)

I see Jeep ownership as an expression of freedom and patriotism. Jeep’s exude a freedom to go where you want to go fearlessly and they are still pretty heavily American made. In recent years, seeing the way our country is changing, patriotism disappearing, even ridiculed and freedoms diminishing, Jeep is maybe a small expression of push back to the “new norms”.
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Generations of single women keeping great traditions alive ...
Gal came on fox business a few years back drumming her new book......

It was something like 7 things about women that men don't understand.

Two. I will never forget. These from the authoritative source

1.....If a woman is complaining or whining about a problem they don't necessarily want you to help.....just listen.

2.... The only thing about a car women care about is......does it have gas?
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We have a 1982 Jeep CJ8 pickup with the 6 cylinder and 5 Speed, bought it in 1990. Gets 10mpg but always starts and runs. It’s a rough ride but a great farm vehicle. Everyone wants to buy it. My son has a 2020 JT with automatic on 35” tires and it’s another whole deal, great truck for younger person. But for my personal truck things we have a Tundra V8 4x4 and a couple of trailers
First person I ever saw that quoted the real mpg! Good on ya.

I got nothin against jeeps but I'm not a big fan of fads.
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Lots of Subarus driven by female medical staff... probably tops in popularity.

Over the years the Doc parking lot has changed a lot.

Almost gone are the German luxury brands to be replaced with Electrics and Hybrids and then add Subaru and compact crossover SUV.

It was not all that long ago I would see 12 cylinder Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche... no more.
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I bought a used 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport in 2018 from a neighbor at a good price. Her husband had passed and she felt it was time to let it go. One of the appeals for a jeep is that it is an off road vehicle and a convertible as well! The attraction for me was that it is fun to drive and will get us through snow when needed. It is definitely not a good vehicle on the highway (mileage and noise are bad), but it is a great vehicle to run around on the weekends with.

I agree that there are a ton of them on the road lately.
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How about Austria's version of their Jeep. :)



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A super duty FC, looks like a heck of a stout vehicle.
I'm sure it has many of the attributes of the MB jeeps, rough riding, noisy, extremely capable rig.
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Wouldn’t want to be in Austria right now!
You wouldn’t be allowed to drive it!