why so many jeeps now on road?

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Our car was damaged in an accident last winter.

Guy’s insurance rented a jeep for us.

I didn’t know there were that many Jeeps.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one.
Let's not talk About It's about swinging cats. Lol next thing you know pita is gonna come down on us . Lol . Lol
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One thing for sure...Jeep Wranglers do hold their resale value.
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One thing for sure...Jeep Wranglers do hold their resale value.
Tell me about it. I looked at a Rubicon about 6 years ago... they wanted over 18K. I said "What about that rust hole?"
"We can fix that if you want us to." For that amount of money I want something which never had rust...

At the time you could buy a base model TJ for around 25K.
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LOL, macho thing!
Noisiest vehicle on the road, rough ride, bad fuel consumption BUT the one vehicle that has the least depreciation.
SIL is a jeep lover, he traded his 4 year old in and was allowed more that his original cost.
Mind U he had all the bells and whistles that jeep clans want.
His newer one is the 'Gladiator' , big glorified PU, and naturally has lots of light bars and big tires.
He even had custom 'flame' decals made to further enhance the 'macho look'.
It's his thing, but all in all he's a great SIL.
Jeeps don't have the least depreciation by a long shot. The least depreciation is Honda then Hyundai. According to the math not my opinion.
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The reason there are so many Jeeps is because there is no longer an International TravelAll for us to buy.
My GrandPa had one.
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The new four-door Jeeps are really a handsome vehicle. But OMG they cost north of $40,000!

When Fiat took over the bankrupt Chrysler company, one of the big lures for the US govt was the promise that the Fiat 500 would at last give Americans a really serviceable sub-compact car. How did that work out? I never seen the Fiats on the road. But when I visit Italy, as I used to do every year until 2020, I'd see little Jeeps everywhere -- Patriots, Libertys, whatever they're called. Now that the French got into the act, the company is called Stellantis, ugh. They should have called it Jeep Inc! It's the one truly great American passenger car (with a touch of truck in there as well).

Pity they're so pricey.
Lots of 4doors running around and Fiats too.

I like the Rubicon but most likely from going to the top of Rubicon peak almost driving to the top in a stock 1950 Jeep owned by a volunteer fire department member.... helps to have keys for all the gates...

Had a number of Jeeps... Wagoneer, Commander, CJ almost new picked up cheap because it rolled... plus rentals...
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Please read post 105 and 106. Sometimes people answer you.

As for my half of the road, I will have you know that my taxes pay for both halves.
You missed my point completely. I have nothing against jeeps. Had a lot of fun in one years ago, and understand why some folks love them, their usage, and the "life style". It doesn't matter to me what you drive. Just drive it with common sense and consideration. Right now there are about 3 types of vehicles on the road that are guaranteed to push the limit of safety and (especially) consideration of others. Unfortunately, recently jeep has fallen into that group. It is not the vehicle, it is (I hope), a small but very visible group of owners.
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I see them as a costume. For all the "Manly" types out there...
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They are the hipster/tree hugger vehicles now - it used to be Subaru.

Call me a snob but I don't bother to wave back at these "jeepers" when I drive my 86CJ7.