What are you cooking for superbowl?

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Jun 11, 2003
Denton, TX
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I'm grilling chicken and beef fajita's with poblano peppers and onions with all the other fixin's of guacamole, pico, sour cream, cheese, salsa and cilantro. Wife is making queso and cilantro rice. I'll pick the meat up today at the mexican market, they always have the best marinated meat. I'll probably grill some jalapeno poppers or shishito peppers with siracha-lime aioli sauce to snack on. I always like some cheese and crackers with venison summer sausage or dried venison sausage to nibble on too.

As part of my New Years resolution to lose weight and exercise more, I've been mostly ethanol free since the start of the year, with the exception of an infrequent glass of wine with dinner. If anyone hasn't tried Athletic Brewing Company's line of non-alcohol beers, they're pretty good. Including IPA's, Hazy IPA's, Golden and some others. Pretty good flavor for fake beer and you save a few calories.

It's supposed to be a high of 60 degrees Sunday, so might get too cool at sundown to sit out on the patio with a fire in the fireplace, but we'll see. If it's not windy, we're usually pretty comfy out there down to 50 or so.
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I will be at a ceremony in VA at VMI, so I will be watching somewhere far from home.
Food-wise I’m at the mercy of the restaurant we go to in Lexington.
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Mrs. mention LOADED nachos. :)
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I would normally be adding something to this thread but I'm laying on my back on an ice pack so I'll have live vicariously through you all. Keep them coming.

The fajita party sounds awesome it'll probably end up being pizza for us too.
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It's still very wet and humid here. I'll be making a big pot of chicken noodle soup. Something to keep Brownie and me warm for all weekend.