Tires do not spin

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Depends entirely on the traction and range you are in. Mine will spin as I have sand for dirt. The more weight you have, the lower your tire pressure (to an extent), the better your traction will be.

Being in the proper range, having the proper throttle, and working the HST pedal properly (don't just bury it) are all essential for getting the most out of the tractor's traction and power capabilities.

As an example of incorrect range, throttle and pedal:

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What RPM are you running at when you are doing this?
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Tried all different rpms
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On dry asphalt, I cannot spin my tires in low range nor stall it. The HST goes into relief. On dirt, 2 wheel drive, no counterweight/implement, it'll bury itself. In between these two scenarios are all kinds of variables.
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Are your tires "loaded" with liquid or tire foam?

Do you have iron wheel weights attached to your wheels?
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If the surface is gravel, dirt or grass, in other words a loose surface, and you have a reasonable amount of ballast, even if the tires are loaded, it should spin the tires. Even with the AG tires. It is sounding like the hydrostats relief valve is set too low. But we would like to hear more about your ballast, your tire loading/wheelweights and more about the surface of the ground.
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Rear tires are liquid filled. No weights. Loose dirt . 2wd. Or 4wd. No squealing from hst relief valve. It will not spin at all. Rpm from idle to wide open. It's the same no matter what I do.
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Are you using low range? Usually a HST will break traction in low. One of my family members has a Kioti CK25 that’s way underpowered for its weight and it won’t break traction in low. I would expect a 3510 would be able to. Your tractor is the same weight as the CK25 and has 10 more hp or 50 percent more. I suspect either you’re not using low range or using the transmission incorrectly. It’s not an accelerator pedal like a vehicle.
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Can you hear the relief valve open, different flow sound, the pitch of the hydraulic pump change?