Tires do not spin

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It takes time to get adjusted to an HST peddle coming from a tractor with an accelerator peddle. Myself included. Just about everything we drive has an accerator peddle and our muscle memory will want to push down on it to go faster or increase engine rpm.
Think of the HST peddle as a transmission. Full foward is 4th gear, half foward is 2nd gear and so on.
EX. Driving down the road full HST foward (4th), you come to a hill and lose speed and engine rpm. Lift the HST peddle to half way foward (2nd) to downshift to increase torque to get up the hill.
I still sometimes find myself stomping on the HST peddle to go foward just a little more when going into a pile with the loader when I should be letting up on it.
Boy am I a slow typist
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Perhaps he should try to move a pile of pallets over some unexplained holes in a wood floor while checking the trailer lights. (How do I worked a drain plug in here?)
Ouch! That smarts!