The last Barn. (maybe)

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Near Bellingham a friend added on to his house with s4s virtually clear fir that came from the mill we worked at. The building inspector failed the job because the lumber didn't have a grade stamp.
This barn is the 4th barn I've built this way with the same type wood so I'm sure it'll hold up and the best part is; it's an agricultural building so NO inspections.
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Whatcom and Skagit Counties are on the far left side of the state in every way you can think of. My brother was facing so many restrictions, plus pending county regulations that he decided to move and let someone else deal with it. We moved to Okanogan County and the influence from the left side of the state hasn't seemed to have filtered over here... yet. We will find out soon enough, my brother wants to build a second barn for his horses and hay storage and add a substantial addition to the house, convert the original barn to shop area and equipment storage. He owns this one outright and just sold the one in Skagit County so he will have cash to work with.
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Nice, thanks for posting.
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How big was your barn in Utah? Is this one bigger?
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I built the truss sections on the ground then raised whole sections.
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How do you square one that big? Hard to measure diagonals.
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Great build thanks for sharing, I learn a lot reading posts like this. Sorry about the finger
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Raising the trusses. Sorry no photo's right now but here's after they were up. I have some photos of the boom truck lifting them up but they are at my sons house. Going to get them tomorrow.
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