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"Sheds are what a farmer adds to a barn when he or she built the barn too small in the first place.
hugs, Brandi

Good one!

My prior comments notwithstanding, I do have a tendency to say to myself "OK, time to head for the barn" when I finish mowing with the 'ol 2520....
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My grandfather raised and trained horses when I was young. He had a large stable 120x60, for brood mares my granny called a "barn" he called it "the w.h.o.r.e. house" granny didn't like that, but they each never changed their position!

So I agree with the guy's that say, let it go:D

What to they say about being single vs married, it's the difference between being lonely or aggravated, sooo settle for being aggravated since you are going to be wrong.
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Call it "Terry" or "Chris". Avoids "barn" & "shed" & avoids implying it's either masculine or feminine.
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For example, if it has concrete, electric, and overhead doors, I'd call it a garage or shop.
So a diary barn, for milking cows, that has concrete for sanitary reasons is called a dairy garage? A dairy shop?
hugs, Brandi
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When I finish renovating it, it will have heat, insulation, full wiring, overhead doors, etc. Maybe "shop" is the best option but I think I will take the most common and practical advice and just continue trying to think twice and say "barn". Even when I get it heated and insulated, I'm not crazy about sleeping out there.
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By this definition I guess it is a barn, 'cause it sure is ugly right now (but I intend to fix it). :laughing:

What you need to do is tell your wife how much you love her and since this is such a sore subject that because of your love for her you are going to fix it up and turn it into a shop. Tell her that love is the most important thing and money is no object. Of course not to be mistaken as anything other than a shop it needs lots of shop tools. :thumbsup:
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Sounds vaguely familiar to the "dinner then supper" vs. "lunch then dinner" debate my wife and I once had. Just learn to call it something different, so long as you know what it is. LOL