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compromise and call it an "outbuilding"
IMO, it all depends on what is on the inside and the size of the doors.

Well crud, that's true, too! We have some friends that have basically a "barn" (2 roof slants :)), but they operate their interior design business out of it ... & call it a "studio" :)
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From the Free Dictionary -- a barn is ...

3. any large building, esp an unattractive one ...

By this definition I guess it is a barn, 'cause it sure is ugly right now (but I intend to fix it). :laughing:
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I've always gone by the roof. If the roof slants in just one direction- it is a shed roof, making it a shed. If it slants two ways it is not a shed and can be a barn!

Sheds are what a farmer adds to a barn when he or she built the barn too small in the first place.:laughing:
hugs, Brandi
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I have a question: I've seen many posts on this board that show construction of "pole barns" but there ain't a "pole" in them- all dimensional lumber with cladding etc. When I was growing up a pole barn was constructed with "skinned" lumber poles. If it was built with dimensional lumber it was a barn. There are further distinctions I could mention, but essentially I'm seeing a lot of "pole barns" on the board that could easily be "houses".:laughing:
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You may win the battle but loose the war. Rather than either having to give in, move your tool box in there and call it "the shop".
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You are both right. Did you notice definition #2 said a barn is a large shed?

You just have to mentally adjust and remember there is a difference between a cow barn, a hay barn, and tool barn and a wee bairn. :laughing:
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Only way I would fight this battle is if my ag tax status depended on it being a barn. Otherwise she is correct.
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The guys on "Car Talk" on public radio have a standard answer when a guy calls in questioning something his wife does with the car.

They ask, "Do you want to be right? or do you want to be happy?"

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I agree with the compromise.

Can I ask what you use this "building" for???
Does it have electric and concrete floors??
Does it have overhead doors or sliders??

All of this would make a difference to me.

For example, if it has concrete, electric, and overhead doors, I'd call it a garage or shop. Especially of you have a few tools in there and do some tinkering in there.

IF the above doesnt apply, I'd go for the "outbuilding" compromise.

And if you dont want to compromise with her, you could start calling it HOME:laughing:
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Here's how it was defined when I was young.

Shed: Place you go with Pa when you did something wrong.

Barn: Place you go to work.

I'm sure that's not in Websters but works for me :D