Backhoe Shuttle directional lag time.

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
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The manual states the time to change directions using the shuttle should be adjusted to take close to 1 second. Our 310 B takes twice that long. Does anyone know if taking more than 1 second causes physical damage?

Do most use the foot fuel control when using the FEL and let of the fuel when reversing direction or just do it under full power?

This is my first one and I think not clutching is going to tear something up. :)
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The reversing system is a hydraulic controlled system (in that there is a brake carrier, 4 clutch discs and plates, control valve, etc). All things working properly you should be able to reverse at any speed / throttle level you desire. Being a B series unit there is going to be wear and not all will operate at the same speed. Best way to tell what is going on is have a dealer check pressures on the unit, there are various test ports on the machine that an experianced tech can plug into and tell you what is going on with clutch press, lube press, reverser, etc. There can be numerous reasons, oil getting past a piston, clutch disc wear, valve issues. They should be able to tell you after pressure tests eactly what is going on.
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Thanks for stating how it works. The manual just points out the "user" adjusting valve and states the lag time to set it for. I am sure after 27 years it has some wear. Due to bucket wear the FEL has been used a lot. BH work would not mean a lot of shuttling is my guess. I guess one is just changing the operating pressure by making the adjustment.

I just wanted to know if a 2 second reversing lag actually did damage. I do not mind the lag if it is easier on the unit. I am not making a living with this TLB. :)