Short Term Tractor Purchase

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Starting to get into some big money if he looks at a track machine. I think the 1025, BX or Massey GC would do. On occasion, you can find an older tractor for sale.

I bet that once the work is done though, it may be hard to give up the machine.
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Prices of compact track loaders and the stand up machines in Middle Tennessee are beyond crazy.
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" do a bunch of work on a neglected property"

Define...would it be cost wise to rental or hire someone to do work that way once work done you can focus on the tractor you need.
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I'm surprised at some responses saying you don't need a tractor, I think that is because it isn't them doing the work. ;) You Absolutely can justify a tractor with that work list. We say it all the time, it isn't about the size of the lot, it is about the work to be done.

I would want a tractor if it were me and the older you get the more you mean that Sh#$. You will have no issue getting your money back out of the tractor if you get it bought right. Do some homework to figure out what bought right means and be patient. Have cash ready because "bought right' doesn't wait days for you to decide usually.

I think a SCUT would do the trick but I wouldn't dismiss a good deal on a smaller CUT. If you are worried about the yard, stay with something under #2,000lbs.
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I recommend getting a couple bids to do the work start to finish, you will probably learn a few helpful things along the way that will still be helpful if you decide to buy a tractor and do it yourself.
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To imagine how small 1/2 acre is measure out 150 ft x 150 ft. Basically half a football field.
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A lot of overgrown shrubs have been pulled out with a pickup truck.
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or make friends with someone that owns a tractor and is inclined to help
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or make friends with someone that owns a tractor and is inclined to help
He's better off to buy somthing, then sell it when done. Far better off than asking around for help. Been there done that, many times.......
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