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I always have found the Bimbo Bakeries name pretty entertaining.


I also find the fact that they sell pretoasted bread packaged and sold at room temperature pretty amusing. Do you take home your pretoasted bread and warm it up in the microwave? Or do you heat it up like a pop tart in the toaster?? I'll have to ask a Bimbo for clarity. 😁
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Sure it's run by the Kim's and they serve soup etc. but it doesn't prevent the internal 14 year old from giggling.

Nearby restaurant
BTW, "Pho" is pronounced closer to "fah" than "foh"
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A guy I went to high school with had one that color. I looked at the ad, it might even be the same car. Bellingham, where I went to high school is 25 miles north of Burlington WA where the car is listed.
I do. We still race these Datsuns and the Z’s and 510’s in vintage racing. Check out our the CVAR vintage website or SVRA website. You’ll see great vintage Datsuns and other on great tracks around the country.
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The "Ignite" brand name looks 100% like what some doofus MBA wearing a blue suit three sizes too small and with a stubbly beard that took six months to grow would come up with. The only question is whether the brand name idea came from an under-35 doofus MBA who got the idea from what they did to the green leafy material at the very beginning of the "brainstorming session" where they came up with the brand name, or if it was from an older doofus MBA who came up with it as an attempt to "express corporate dynamism."

Either way I would run away from this like you would run away from happens after you "ignite" a dumpster...
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In-N-Out Burger. My mind goes to an entirely different place than, "convenience." :)
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In-N-Out Burger. My mind goes to an entirely different place than, "convenience." :)
Years ago they gave out In-N-Out
Bumper stickers. A friend said teens cut the stickers putting on their cars to say: