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Good question npalen, I wouldn't expect it to be an issue with the beefier cylinders and the fact that now it actually sits against the factory stops.
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Are there factory stops for the rollback?

Cant really see them in the pic. But it still looks like the cylinder has a few more inches to retract
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Yes, there are factory stops for rollback and it's against the stops.
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As it nears complete rollback the speed will increase and power will decrease. But I think the operator will get accustomed to that.

Nice work!!!

Anxious to hear how it works!!!
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Just to update:
Was able to get everything welded up and finished putting loader back on the tractor yesterday. This morning we needed to put clean sawdust in the stalls, generally this takes 2 full buckets due to the limited rollback with the self-leveler. I was able to get enough to do all the stalls with one bucket. I am very satisfied with the results but have one regret and that is, I wish I would have done this years ago when I first realized that the self-leveler had no real value ad for the type of work that I do. Thanks for all of the first-rate suggestions and insight that most of you provided to help me step back and think through the process.
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Thank you very much for the update!!! Often we never hear back as to the results. Thanks again!!!
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Good to hear that this worked out for you, Boss 302, as you put a lot of thought and fabwork into the project!

I ran across this interesting video on Deere's Industrial "Powerllel lift" self leveling system. No, it doesn't have a lot to do with this thread other than "self-leveling". The comment about the conventional z-bar self leveling cylinder reducing the breakout force makes me wonder if, on a conventional mechanical self leveling loader, does the fact that it is trying to tilt the bucket down during breakout, actually reduce the breakout force? (Sorry for the long sentence)

P.S. I initially thought that powerllel was a miss-spelling of parallel. :)