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Again not to rehash, your 2nd point isn’t true, makes no difference. Hauling stuff with a GCWR over 26k regardless of commerce. Many states do have the farmer exclusion.

But I think dealers owe it to new buyers to let them know that since the GVWR of these newer trucks are so high that pretty much any 10k+ trailer requires a CDL. Glad this dealer is discussing it so it is not a surprise.
This isnt a new thing. 14k is s pretty common trailer size. And for over two decades or more, any dually rolling off the line would put the combo over 26k also.

This isnt opinion. And lots of people have mis-informed opinions. And lots of LEO's dont even know the laws.
But no, if you are not hauling commercial, you dont need a CDL. Some states may have different "classes" of non-commercial licenses though. Often why you see many setups with "not-for-hire" on the side. NO, thats not because they get tired of people bugging them to haul something for them;)
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Did OP ever find a trailer?
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Nope still looking but it’s ear in the process.