Paving a long driveway

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There is an alternative to even paving it with asphalt.

I have about 800' of 15% slope driveway. Cost estimate for asphalt 8 years ago was $30k. The only real problem with gravel is the dust in summer, and the negative of asphalt in our location is that it becomes very slick with only a few inches of wet snow.

I left it gravel and put in a sprinkler system for the gravel. Right after spring rains quit, I sprinkle it once per day, until the weather gets hotter when I increase the frequency up to 4 times per day in the middle of summer. This prevents dust and allows the gravel to compact quite nicely. The usual light, wet snows still give us plenty of traction on gravel, much better than on asphalt. Cost was about $2k.