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I dont think you will have any issues. IT will last years as is. But if you want piece of mind, any form of moisture barrier between the footings and lumber would be fine. Even some 40 mil rubber roofing if you have a company in your area that you can get some scraps from. Usually in the 40-50 cents per square foot range.
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The other thing I've seen used is a piece of asphalt shingle...
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Took an extra day off to make it a 4 day weekend and put the decking on. First I did put some tar paper under the beams and went ahead and put tar paper on the ends of the beams also, so the only moisture that should be on the beams will be whatever drips through the spaces between the decking. There will be concrete blocks added at the end of the bridge and then I will backfill ramps with dirt. I used 2 x 6s for the decking. On the beams I used the coated screws but for everything that is actually exposed I'm using stainless steel.

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Sidetracked with other projects and activities, but I did lay blocks at the ends of the bridge. The blocks are there to backfill against for the approach ramps.

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Looks great:thumbsup:
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The bridge looks great, thanks for posting.

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Very solid construction and should last for many years. :thumbsup:
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Nice Kenny! I can't wait to see the finished project. Have you mentioned which way water flows over the spillway? It looks like it flows in from the side opposite of the retainer wall blocks.