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So far everything is still going strong. I have put on another 16 hours and the wife likes the ride better as she has about 8 hours on it as well. It has been a cheap fix and better ride. I'm surprised nobody else has given it a try.

Now it is not a full suspension ride but it will give now with bumps and I have plenty on my property.
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Hi - sounds great. Got my springs this weekend. Did you just do trials of cutting down the spring height or use some measurement to determine where the top of the spring should be?

Also, you said you used something under the seat to protect it from the spring - could you be more specific. I don't want to reinvent the wheel and you are so pleased with the ride if I can duplicate it I will be happy....

Thanks - appreciate your time

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I installed the springs and sat on the seat to get a feel of the height and compression. Then to adjust the height I used a dremel to cut half a loop off at a time until it came out alright. Then I used a washer and small bolt to hold the spring in place (mine hasn't moved). Install, sit, take for a small ride then trim small at a time. Also if you do trim off some I ground the cut part flat so not rough edges, just like the spring came with the top loop ground flat at the end.

I used a rubber washer that I siliconed in place where the old rubber spings made contact. The washers were about 2" in diameter and I had them so I did not have to buy any. I only used them so there would not be any metal to metal contact. Heck if you like the ride cut a flat piece off your old rubber springs.
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These should work on the 2520 too I assume?
If so, I'm ordering mine asap monday morning. :D
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They should work the factory rubber springs are the same. I should have explained better before but I cut off half loops off the small part of the spring and not at the base until I got the ride I wanted.
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I took that for granted!
Thanks for the info, parts will be here tomorrow. $5.90 each
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Just did this, and it works great.
Love it, especially for $10!!!!!
Thanks for sharing this mod! :)
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My question is; with the $$ JD wants for these tractors why didn't they do something like this at the factory? Boggles the mind.
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I am glad you tried it and like it. It has worked great for me as well and the old butt and back appreciate it. For the money ($12) it is like getting a new seat.