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Mar 1, 2012
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Not really sure where to post this, hope it's semi-appropriate here.

Had to replace the engine on my 25 year old log splitter last week. I noticed that the plastic "spider" in the lovejoy coupler was gone. Put it back together without it, but the owner's manual has dire warnings about running it without that piece. Will I really trash the hydraulic pump without it? Who knows how many years ago it deteriorated and fell out (I bought it used about 10 yr ago).

Where would I get one of these things? I know Amazon has them, but I hate to put in an order just for a $3 part...the shipping alone would be twice that.
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I have Amazon prime so I'd just ordered it. The local electric motor repair shop has them. I don't know if it would hurt the pump or not. Is it worth $3 to find out for sure?
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Most farm supply stores will stock the replacement spiders.
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Don't run it without it. It went on my splitter and the hammering between the lovejoy connectors quickly sheared them off. I was wearing hearing protection and thought it sounded a little noisy but was almost done. I found that Fastenal has them and the were much cheaper than buying MTD parts.
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most industrial supply stores will also have them such as motion, Purvis, Applied industrial etc.
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Ditto what has already been said. INdustrial supply or tractor supply store. They are really popular in industry. Commonly stocked and frequently used at most all industrial mfg places.

Just get the series number off of it. IE: L095, L099, L100, L110, etc. That will tell you what spider you need. And I'd probably buy 2 and have a backup.

Not sure what size you have, but none are expensive. Heres one for Under $5 to your door New Lovejoy Martin Type L090 L095 Rubber Spider Insert Buna N | eBay

I am guessing that a local brick and mortar store is gonna be more than that.
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TSC carries LO95 couplers and spider. They call them L Jaw buna spider if you look them up online-$6.99
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OK, I'll stop by my friendly local Fastenal and pick up a couple.
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I would guess fastenal, Grainger, MSc, etc is gonna be about $10 ea. If you don't need them in a hurry, you are really better getting them online.