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  • I sent you a PM regarding schematics for our f935. We are having problems with the PTO not powering up. We are able to engage drive without shutting down so do not suspect a parking brake issue.

    Also, sometime in the past the lights were disconnected and would like to know where they tie into 12V power.
    Joecdeere, I viewed a thread where you helped with a Gator TH6x4 electrical problem. I have the same 30 amp fuse for glow plug blowing. The glow plug light comes on for 6-8 seconds, and the relay clicks a second time at 20-30 seconds so I think the relay is good. Why would the fuse blow each time power is turned on? A short/grounded hot wire? Thank you for helping me.
    Would you happen to have a service manual for a John Deere 4120? I have two inline hydraulic filters that I need to replace and I don’t see the second one. One I think one goes to the power steering the other no clue. TIA.
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