Kioti Grapple Buyer beware!!!!

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Thanks again Everyone for your responses. and Pictures of your grapples.

These were New line for KIOTI last year, I thought that someone had to make them for KIOTI, but the dealer said KIOTI makes them.

Only reason i have the KIOTI grapple is i called to buy a different brand but realized it was not kind i wanted. The salesman said kioti is making some new ones and i could get one. at the time the we all know world was crazy, i really wanted a Wicked made in the USA! but i could not wait they were like 6 month out then.

powerstroke444e- You got that right!! if i would have not thought myself the skills for grinding and welding id be in big trouble!!! i like doing all my own maintenance on my stuff so knowledge goes a long way. again that is why i love forums and i have learned alot on this one just reading before i purchased my tractor. and i had no knowledge of anything to do with tractors or hydraulics' just a year ago, now after owning mine, i have added a W.R. Long 3rd function and set of factory rear remotes on my own.

Will S- you are right and part of the reason i put it up on here. i do not do much on any social platforms and i really like this Forum so i wanted to put it up here first to get some opinions from guys who have way more Experience with equipment before i just go blasting it out there.

ooski- Great mod will do that one for sure!! thanks for sharing.
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SSQA should not need grinding old to new. That is their first tale. IF they sold it to you knowing it wasn't a Kioti to Kioti connection, then they should not play that card now that you have a problem.
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Hi all. First Post here. I am kinda new to the Tractor game. I First had a Bobcat CT122 then upgraded to a 2009 CT235, i love the tractor perfect size and power for what i need.

I purchased a Brand New Kioti Grapple they just came out with last fall. First off i was really supprised it would not fit my Bobtach system. i had to Make some significant grinding to get it to fit flush. I called the dealer i purchased it from and he said this is normal on new to old equipment, so i went with it. It is a Kioti dealer i purchased this from fyi. So now just got the Chance to really use it, the Power company came by and made a mess under the power lines so was clearing some Small logs, and some large mulch from the brush crusher. After 5 hours of use, one of small tines the top section of the grapple busted off.

Ok So i just sent a nice message to customer service at Kioti. Saying how much i like the grapple and explained the same things i just laid out here. Wow was i really surprised at the response i got. i will share it. and some pictures i have of the grapple.

as stated im new to this kind of thing so was posting to see if this is normal for most other equipment manufactures or not?

Here is what Kioti sent me. I sent them back i will NEVER own another piece of there equipment again if this is the way i will get treated.

Thank you for contacting KIOTI Tractor. KIOTI does not recommend the instlallation of KIOTI implements on any equipment that is not manufactured by and specifically for a KIOTI.

Unfortunatly, KIOTI will be unable to provide product support in this situation.


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Steven Hopper
Customer Relations
6300 KIOTI Drive Wendell, NC 27591

Wow. A 2009 CT235 manufactured by Daedong for Bobcat doesn't have much power or weight and they cannot stand behind their grapple (which must have crap welds with low penetration). That is like Tim Fox at Kioti voiding my then brand new 6010 tractor sight unseen for bolting a piranha tooth bar to my bucket and knocking over light brush growing in spagnum.

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Just part of owning a grapple you will find all the design flaws and get practice welding. I agree it's frustrating when you pay for something and it's not 100%. Just remember rocks and concrete are really rough on stuff and require alot of maintenance.

I've never needed to weld my Everything Attachments Root Grapple. I have needed to replace a hose on it twice.

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You've got a lot of work done with that tactor and grapple, but what happened to allow the grapple come unleashed? Did a branch or some such, release the SS lock, or wasn't it locked before you began using it? Any damage other than hoses?
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I’ll second ooski. Get that metal in the grille ASAP. I waited and it cost me around 300 bucks for plastic pars to replace what small sticks busted. 40 bucks expanded metal 6 bucks for nuts and bolts and 7 bucks for spray paint. Will save you a lot of headache. A grapple is about the most abusive attachment a person can add to a tractor. Just my opinion.
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You've got a lot of work done with that tactor and grapple, but what happened to allow the grapple come unleashed? Did a branch or some such, release the SS lock, or wasn't it locked before you began using it? Any damage other than hoses?

The fire was facing the sun so I really didn't see what happened, but apparently, a stick tripped the single lever locking mechanism so the grapple was loose in the SSQA. As I worked, rattling the curl to drop material eventually the grapple dropped into my fire and I dragged it out by the still attached hoses. There was no damage to the hoses or the grapple, and as a result, Ted over at Everything Attachments started offering bars on the back of the grapple as protection against tripping SSQA levers, and I made a tech tip video for my fellow Kioti owners so that it wouldn't happen to them.

Anyway, I really do not like the single-lever SSQA lever set-up as I've had to repair it three times in the last eight years.

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Thanks for the update. I wouldn't like that single lever lack system either. They must have come up with that, as a solution to a problem that didn't exist.
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Thanks oosik, very cool. I've often thought it would be too easy for pokers to get by the big bars on my guard.

Does this diminish your headlight power/usefulness much? I've got different tractor but like yours, added material would be in line with lights. Thanks
wisconsitom - yes, I would imagine that the expanded metal on the OEM guard would reduce headlight power somewhat. Not that the headlights are that bright anyhow. In the thirteen years I've owned the M6040 - never once have I used it at night. No reason to - I'm retired.

If nighttime use was in the cards - I would install added lights - modified grill guard or not. I have enough problems dealing with crap in the broad daylight. Nighttime use would DEFINITELY require added illumination.
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Clintock - that's a really fine looking grill guard.