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Just part of owning a grapple you will find all the design flaws and get practice welding. I agree it's frustrating when you pay for something and it's not 100%. Just remember rocks and concrete are really rough on stuff and require alot of maintenance.
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I looked for two years before I decided on the grapple I wanted. Land Pride 1560. 60" wide - 820 pounds of steel. I've had mine for ten years now. Not a moments problems. Used almost 100% to move really large rocks and lengths of Ponderosa pine trunk. Ten years ago - WR Long third function + Land Pride 1560 - dealer installed - - $4750.
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Consider doing something like this to your grill guard. Sticks, stobs & limbs have a nasty way of finding your grill, radiator or battery. This is expanded metal added to my OEM grill guard.
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60'' EA wicked grapple 400# of the best made grapple on the market.
@400# it doesn't kill your lift capacity.
You happen to break it, (which is doubtful) and they'll fixe it !

I dug this boulder out of the ground with this wicked 60


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Hi oosik. Did you fab that metal mesh in your front guard yourself? Was just thinking I want to do that on my Bobcat.

OP, that was a poor response you got from Kioti, and almost disingenuous on their part, for not acknowledging the close relationship between them and Bobcat product, even if different loaders. Sucks, hope you get some satisfaction from dealer.
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Send a link for this thread, to Kioti, and your dealer. And if you are on any social media sites (FB, etc.), see if there is a group there, and post up Kioti's response.

If this is how they treat their customers, and what they think of their own products, let others know. There are better choices, not just for grapples, but tractors.
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Hi oosik. Did you fab that metal mesh in your front guard yourself? Was just thinking I want to do that on my Bobcat.
wisconsitom - I took the OEM frame to a local welding shop. A young fellow, there, did the work. It's saved my bacon, at least, a couple times that I know of.

If you weld and have access to expanded metal - easy project.
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That's like an truck manufacturer voiding a powertrain warranty because you install a bed cover. I can't see any reason for this unless Kioti tractors run a low hydraulic pressure and they're assuming you hooked it up to a higher pressure tractor and screwed it up that way.
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Thanks oosik, very cool. I've often thought it would be too easy for pokers to get by the big bars on my guard.

Does this diminish your headlight power/usefulness much? I've got different tractor but like yours, added material would be in line with lights. Thanks
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