Just got first TIG rig!

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Apr 21, 2012
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Just got the Miller TIG kit for the MultiMatic 200 (TIG/MIG/Stick combo machine, inverter). Its all assembled & ready.

But I'm out in the woods on my phone and can't peruse Youtubes efficiently. With luck, I can look at one, maybe two. It can take a long time to download even 2 minutes worth. Can anybody who has fast internet recommend which one? Prefer one with lots of startup info in about 5 minutes max.

No point even starting the generator until I can get some basics. I have gas-welded a lot, TIG'd alu one time with zero instruction & questionable results. For example I dont know if I touch the electrode, or just mash on the pedal. Sure would be great to have experience looking over my shoulder! Have only DC so will be doing steel only (no Alu).

Written tips appreciated too. Possibly the vids won't come in at all. Will bring the welder home though so I can practice at home.

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Just jump right in, you don't need no stinking videos!
Remember that mechanical engineering student I helped with the aluminum bike frame?
He went from this first picture, to the second picture in about 2-hours.


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Stinking videos will certainly accelerate success. Interesting you say 2 hours. Is that the same time-warp as your "2 weeks?" :laughing:

Still want video links if anybody knows of any for quick start / overview.
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Tig Welding Basics

Jody is hard to beat for welding info and videos on you tube.. Welding tips and tricks.
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OK here's the 1st 3 TIG welds. This kind of welding is so "civilized". Similar to O/A but the flame doesn't blow the puddle around. And it's much more difficult to keep the arc lit than a flame, but you can reduce the heat. Neat stuff! Wish I had it years ago.

#1 First weld is just a bead on a flat 1/8" thick steel.
#2 weld on the outside corner of 18ga Stainless
#3 is a 3/8" pipe to the 18ga. The bead advances quicker than I expected, not easy to follow around the little 3/8 OD pipe.

I never did find a video showing how you start the arc. Can this be explained in words? Ended up just flooring the pedal, and lightly touch the point and lift off a tiny bit. Sometimes it sticks, and I do the stick-welding memory-motion and break it off like a dog with it's jaws on a gopher. I had to grind my tungsten sharp again 3 times. ,,,,,,need a better technique if I'm going to be a civilized man.



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ZAP one of the moderators over on Welding Web has a great idea for sharpening tungsten.
Remove the wheel guard on your bench grinder, and stand behind the bench grinder. Use a drill motor to spin the tungsten. Now this grinding wheel should only be used for grinding tungsten.


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You are making me want to go out to the shop and melt something with the tig that I have never used.
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You are making me want to go out to the shop and melt something with the tig that I have never used.
Tig welding can be very enjoyable!


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