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May 12, 2014
Paarl South Africa
My IH454 kick out of 3rd gear . I did replace all the gears on the topshaft aswell the sincros . For lateral play I added an exstra thrustwasher in the middle . Please help !
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Sounds more like a problem with the shifting mechanism. And from the looks of the exploded view of the shifting mechanism in this exploded view Object moved There's lots of places to get some slop, and not get full dentent in a gear position.
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Well., the link to that view didn't come through, but look at the (07-31) Drive Train, Gear Shift Mechanism, Speed Transmission in the menu at left.
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The rotating shiftpan has detent noches and I looked at them and milled it about 2mm in for a better detent. No luck ! On the outside is play , but that has no influence in the inside . I also check the rollpins and the shifterforks for bending and they are tru Please help ?
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If I'm looking at it right, I'm thinking more like wear in part #'s 6, or 13. Possibly even the woodruff key #17 being work, or partially sheared. It may partially engage the gear, but depending on how much the external linkage is worn, and not push it into the full detent position. Or as mentioned wear in #'s 6 & 13 not fully engaging, even though it is in the detent notch.

Not sure how much that little finger on #6 would take, or how much wear has occured if it's been haunched on pretty good in the past.
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Hi DJ54
I have no idia what your talking about ......do not have the diagram.......please submitte diagram
I do get 1st and 2nd and 4th but 3rd kicks out ! Play on the outside links will effect 1st or 4th and that I do get !
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Look back at posts 2 & 3. Click on "Object moved" (sorry it did not state it was a link to Messicks) in blue, it will take you to the IH 454 parts page. Then select "Drive Train" in the menu at left. Then scroll down to (07- 31), and left click on it. An exploded view of the shifting mechanism will appear, with the parts numbered.
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Thanks for that info
When spring 7 is hooked in arm 6 is detend in pan 10 And then pan 10 has no play on it . Then the sincro must be on its exact posision , but 3rd stil kicks out!
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Is there any chance you can take the cover off, while it is engaged in 3rd gear, and see just how far the gear is engaged, without it sliding, or moving..?? If it's fully engaging, then is it a possibility the detent spring is weak, or cam roller, #8 worn enough to let it pop out of gear?
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Will try to take the topcover off without moving the sincro in 3rd gear and see ......Will come back later......