How to remove excess grease?

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Gonna clean the 2025R up today to grease it (not those pesky Ujoints though). Blow it off first. Then soak with some Simple Green or Purple whatever that I have. Then maybe try my 12v sprayer or might have to go with the Black Cat pressure washer.

Soaked with Greased Lightning. Then power washed with the Black Cat. The 12v Worx Hot Shot would not pick up the water. A 2nd soaking with Greased Lightning was needed to remove all the exhaust carbon from the back of the bucket. Old grease came off fine after first soak.

Good thing I have 2 grease guns. The big one with the LockNload would not "lock" onto the grease zerk on the pedals underneath the left side. The smaller grease gun with another type of LockNload would.
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