How to remove excess grease?

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A real key consideration when dealing with grease is the surfaces around you. Most grease cleaners are hard on concrete and grass or stop grass from future growth.

Next - using a quality hand steamer (not the cheapees) - where steam temp is good. It doesn't take hot pressure washing if you use a decent steamer with a hose or wand extension.

Next - there is a product made specifically for cleaning tractors and implements - made by a company that makes great cleaners for home and commercial. Krud Kutter has a specific product made for tractor and farm equipment cleaning and it comes in a gallon jug and is inexpensive and available at many places like Tractor Supply and others. Get the one specifically for tractors because it doesn't reduce paint shininess and it is designed specifically for this purpose.

Next - I'm not a fan of old rags because I like to use something far more disposable. For grease and oil related I like to use napkins. You can buy pretty nice soft clean napkins cheap cheap cheap in dollar stores - whereas old rags can have buttons, zippers, or fasteners or dirt in the fabric and the napkins are automatic throw aways so you don't have anything "hanging around" for spontaneous combustion or collecting dirt. (I also save the extra ones from fast food outings and keep them in a zip lock bag in the truck. I use shop towels or pre moistened towelettes for hands.

Lastly - although I have a nice pressure washer for certain uses - I'm not a fan of pressure washing equipment because just as cans of compressed air cleaner drive dirt into computer parts - pressure washers drive dirt or water in places that rain doesn't. A pump sprayer with blue dawn works better and is much easier on equipment - without the intense pressure.
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I just use paper towels to wipe up the excess grease that comes out of the joints after I hit them with the grease gun. I've already got one in hand to clean the zerk before I grease it and to wipe off any grease after I remove the gun. It only adds a moment to do each one as I go. Way less time than getting a pressure washer out.

I usually just blow the tractor off with an air gun on a compressor to clean it. I pressure washed the tractor once last year when it got really muddy. I try to not hit bearings and loader pivots with the pressure washer so I don't get water and soap where it shouldn't be.
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If you can get to it, I usually remove things like this with paper towels that then get taken away, I would not pressure clean with chemicals unless you know where it ends up wont be a prob....i.e I do not want it in my soil etc.

If it is not reachable, does it need to come off ?

You can buy various degreasers down here, they do not hurt paint, but you also do not leave it on painted areas or on finishes either, I am sure they have the same there, but try to remove it mechanically if you can IMO.
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A number to things can work to remove excess grease - including all of the things mentioned. And for those really tight spots I cannot easily get to I have found that using scraps of old rope (but not nylon or plastic rope) that I always seem to have around can work well - just drag or push/pull the rope back and forth in those tight spots and then discard the greasy rope. And if you don't have any old rope - there are some cheap cotton based ropes available.
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Just walk past it with a clean pair of pants. Works every time! :rolleyes:

For even better results, try a new pair or be on your way to an important event! :D
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Just walk past it with a clean pair of pants. Works every time! :rolleyes:

For even better results, try a new pair or be on your way to an important event! :D

I was about to type the exact same thing :)
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These little hand held steam cleaners work extremely well. I discovered them years ago when I was trying to clean cosmoline from old military surplus rifles and pistols.

Speaking of little hand held steam cleaners...I use one identical to the one in your link to defrost my fridge's freezer compartment. I use it to cut narrow channels in strategic spots through the built up ice so I can lift out sections of ice and dump them in the sink. Very fast.
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WD-40 works exceptionally well to remove grease. I get the gallon can (non-aerosol) and use old rags to remove the excess grease.

It will also remove adhesive and even "construction adhesive" as long as it's still wet.:)

Same here. I buy WD-40 in gallon cans and use hand-sprayer bottles. I got really tired of buying the aerosol cans of WD-40 and them stop spraying long before all of the product had been used.

And - WD-40 won't hurt your paint. Cleans up grease very nicely. I do use old kitchen wash rags, T-shirts, or whatever was ready for the trash can. There's no way spouse is going to let me toss some old greasy rags in her washing machine. Paper towels are good for many things around the shop, but cleaning up grease just doesn't usually fall into that group.

Best thing for the power washer is to keep it away from the tractor except maybe the tires and implements. Engine, electrical parts, bearings, etc. are taboo for power washers, although I do love my power washer for many tasks.
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popsicle stick and a rag