How did you meet your spouse.

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We attended the same school for all twelve years. The school had grades 1 thru 12. We were in different first grades but the same second grade class. Best friends from freshman year but didn't actually start dating until last part of senior year. We were pushed together by her best friend Kathy who said we would be the perfect couple. Nearly broke up graduation night when previous girlfriend, a sophomore, came into the room when we marched out after receiving our diplomas. Girl threw her arms around my neck and put me in a liplock and lifted her feet off the ground putting all her weight around my neck. I grabbed her to keep her from falling and couldn't get her off me. Girlfriend stormed out of room thinking I was prolonging the hug/kiss when I wasn't. Finally got all that straightened out but had two or three ambushes by the same ex during the next few months. They are good friends now and have laughed about all the teenaged antics we were involved in.

Anyway we have been married 46 years.

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57 years ago, I met her at Princeton church of Christ. Jim (also in Ch.E. grad school with me) and I went out on a date with her and her friend Madeline. I ended up with CJ at the close of the date, and the beat went on.
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My parents had just moved into a different home, and it just so happened that their next door neighbor had a lovely younger sister who was living with her. The rest is history; 58 years.
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Great stories all.

I met my wife on a boat. I had a friend with a ski boat and we both had a girlfriend at the time. Me and my girl friend were on the outs and I didn’t know it. My girlfriend was gone and I was going boating with my buddy and his girlfriend and guess what, my future wife was there, surprise surprise. My current girlfriend broke up with me a few days later. I saw my soon to be wife at the video store and asked her out less than a day after my previous girlfriend broke up with me. We have been married 29 years.

11 year old pic. Kids are gone now.

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tried to pick her up walking home. she was 13, i was 16. she wouldnt have anything to do with me.
years later..... 10 years of dateing and 35yrs of marriage later.
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Met SWMBO when on TDY from Fort Belvoir, VA to Tupelo, MS. I was with the Corps of Engineers and was part of a 2 person team analyzing aerial photography back to the 1930's. There were a bunch of property disputes for the construction of the Tennessee-Tombigbee (TT) Waterway. My future wife at the time was a Real Estate Attorney for the Corps assigned to the TT project. There must have been 30 or 40 of us. mostly Corps employees, at the weeks long "meeting" to plan an what was going to be done.

The TT meandered A LOT and many of the property boundaries were defined by the thalweg.
At the time I was a wetland biologist and it was common for me to slog through swamps for the job.

Most of the group went out on a field trip to examine several sites. This was Mississippi in the middle of the summer. HOT AND HUMID. And the field trip was in swamps. With snakes and mosquitoes galore. So I was a little surprised when this little (5'1") lady decided she would tag along.
Did I mention SWAMP?
One of the sites required us to wade through the swamp to get to the important parts, and in several spots the water was over crotch deep on me, and I'm 6'2".
I was rather surprised she followed along.
Then as we were slogging back to the car I felt a tugging on my belt. I turn around and see this beautiful smile and she explained she was starting to float and needed something to hold on to.

We got married about a year or so later on February 29th, 1984.

37 years (9 anniversaries) and she hasn't let go yet.

Might if she reads this :)
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I don't have a romantic story. I met my wife at work, and we lived together for over seven years before we finally made it official 21 years ago. The only odd part is that we didn't openly acknowledge the relationship at work, due to concerns that it might impact one or both of our career paths.

I shared a cubicle with a guy for a while who was a real sleaze bag. He was married, but he didn't seem to think that should affect his dating life, and he had a thing for my girlfriend.

He would give me daily updates on his aspirations and how he thought things were going for him, with lovely comments such as, "I have GOT to bed her!"

I would listen to all this and just nod my head. He had no clue.
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College... 1978. I ran over her playing volley ball; 40 years married in July. Best woman on the planet...
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What's weird to me is my wife and I somehow now have the same voice. Even my own mother or anyone else can tell us apart on the telephone.