How did you meet your spouse.

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I dated my wife in college 24 years ago. I was 4 months from graduating when we met. We dated and I stuck around for a couple months after graduation but the whole world was ahead of me and I had a plan, I left. She had 2 more years of school left, and was on a soccer scholarship, so she wasn't about to mess that up for me. I moved 8 hours away and we tried to make it work but that was before email and cell phones, the distance was too much. That was 1998.

Fast forward to about 2005 when Facebook came around, we got back in touch and stayed in touch. We would cross paths every couple of months or years and shoot the $h!t. In the meantime she got married to an awful human being and had a kid. That ended badly.

In January 2018 I had the most vidid dream of my life, it was about her. I had not talked to her in a couple years. I immediately messaged her and we started talking. She had been living in Brooklyn, NY for the last 16 years at the time and was ready to get out. She came to visit and I asked her to move down to the country to live with me. That was in January, by June 2018 her and her 6 year old son were living with me. We just got married in March.
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My brother and this girl skipped school and came to our house for lunch. I was working afternoons at the time. The 3 of us enjoyed the afternoon just talking. About 2 weeks later my best friends sister gave me this girls phone number. I did not remember her name. Her name was Betty. Wanted me to take her to the prom. I did. Her We got married a year later. She passed in 2019. We had 57 years of good life.
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I got my wife online Or she got me online Depends on which one of us you ask

We are actually an online dating success story.

I had just moved to a new state and didn't like the idea of finding love at the bar. It was my experience that it was usually the only thing you had in common with the other person.