How did you meet your spouse.

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We both met on vacation at the ocean. You could say I caught the best catch of my life! It'll be 30 yrs May 11th! And yes, where has the time gone!

Congrats. Where has the time gone indeed!

Have a great day 5/11.

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My wife’s cousin noticed her “admiring” me during a Rose Parade float build (volunteers who decorate the floats after Thanksgiving) and she passed her number to me without her knowing. She liked that I was athletic, eager, and most importantly not at all cocky.

That day, I never talked as I used ASL (American Sign Language) to everyone and normally wouldn’t have called her but I did because she has to know that I’m deaf and she’s be ok with it. In other circumstances like bars & parties, I’d thrown the number away.

I called her using the relay (interpreter that translates between voice to typed words) and asked if she could meet me in person the next day at the same place. Albeit shy, she did work up her courage to approach me an hour after she said she’d meet me and the whole time prior to that, I kept looking at any girl close by if she was the girl I spoke with because all I had was her number and didn’t know who she looked like.

Dated for 5 years before tying the knot and we celebrated our 22nd anniversary last Feb. She’s the love of my life!!!
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My wife and I met in the back of an ambulance. Seriously. We were both volunteer EMT's in a small Eastern Washington town and got to know each other on ambulance runs.
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I was working in the cardiac care unit at a hospital. One of my patients introduced his daughter to me one afternoon during visiting hours. I ended up staying 2 hours after shift talking to her in the nurses lounge.

I never asked for her number.... totally unintentionally....
The next morning when I came in to work, the patient had been discharged to home already.... OH NO!

Fortunately, I was able to get into his chart and found a "next to kin" phone number.... it took me a couple of days to get up the courage to call that number.....

It was her aunt's number.... I had to explain the whole story and hope that I could get the right phone number.... Her aunt said she would call her and ask if I could have her number. I had to call back in a couple of hours. I did and successfully got the number!

Now I had to overcome my embarrassment (really stupidity not to get her number in the first place) and call her..... took me 2 days more to get up the courage.... When I finally did, her first words were: "About time you called, I was ready to give up".

Well, it all worked out.... 4 months later we got married..... this year will be #38 for us!
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I met my now ex-wife at the church we attended in 1968. We were married when we were 20, had two children, got divorced, her decision, at 31. I've been single ever since. She wanted to get back together about 6 years after we split, but I wasn't interested.
She met another gut a year later, got married a year after that, and is still married to him. He's a great guy, and we are good friends.
Me, I mostly enjoy living alone, doing what I like to do, when I want to do it.
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I was in my first year as a police officer working the late night shift when my partner and I answered a call about a window peeper. The lady who had called was quite a character, and there was a cute girl sitting there that I first thought was a teenager. Turned out that girl was the woman's niece from West Virginia and the lady happened to mention that the girl I had first thought was a teenager was 21 years old. I was 24. When we left that house that night, I told my partner, "I think I'll just marry that girl." And I did, about 6 months later. Last month was 56 years we've been married.
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She was the parts person at the New Holland dealer, and I was farm manager at UL Lafayette's model farm. I needed some parts for our hay baler and we hit it off right away.

We married in 1985. She still works as the parts person at a different tractor dealer. I tell people she was such a good parts person, that I married her.
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My buddy in High School introduced her to me. She was his new girl friend. They dated last 2 years of high school. I was more interested in some of her friends (buddy's girl friends were "hands off"), playing the field, etc. After high school I went straight into the service, didn't see any of my friends for a couple years. My buddy was off at college when I rotated back from Okinawa, and I was just looking up some of my old high school friends. Ran into her again, they were broke up and not a couple. One thing led to another and we started dating. After almost a year we got married.

We've been married 34 (and a half) years now.
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We met in High School. She was a freshman - I was a junior. We married my last year of college and were together 45 years. She passed eleven year ago. I still think about our time together - every day.