Hot dog bun rant

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Jun 11, 2003
Denton, TX
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Either the bun slicing machine at the factory is really hard to adjust or the person running it hates their job. You'd think it would be pretty easy to adjust the machine to slice somewhere down the middle of the bun, rather than 85/15.

Rant over.
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Brother worked in a bakery 20 + years ago and he commented the slicers were some of the hardest things to keep set of all the machines on the line. I Do agree seems like the quality control is definitely lacking in a lot of areas anymore.
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Shouldn't matter how it's sliced...just eat them like Joey Chestnut:
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Even more of a problem; why don’t they sell hot dogs and buns the same size and quantity per package?
There’s an easy solution… multiply the number of hotdogs in a pack by the number of buns in a pack and buy that number of each… you’ll never let a hotdog go nekkid again…:unsure:
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