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Massey convert

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Dec 5, 2020
Massey Ferguson 2605 H
Hello everyone!
I am brand new to this forumn, I just bought a Massey Ferguson 2605 H, with a Massey 911 X loader, and 4-Wheel Drive. I am very happy with this tractor, it's built like a soviet tank, simple rugged and reliable. It's shinier than one of their's though.
I also have owned an Allis Chalmers WD with a loader for about 40 years, and it has served faithfully.
The principle use of theese tractors is making firewood, which I cut to lengths of up to 30 feet, then haul them home on a wagon running gear, then cut and split it here. I also use them for snow moving in the winter.
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:welcome: to TBN...emjoy.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Massey!
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:welcome:from East Tennessee.
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G'day Mate and welcome to TBN from Downunder.

Enjoy the site... from wherever you are in the world.
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Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to the forumn! in lesss than a day it feels like I have made new friends, and received some good advice. I have spent hours reading posts, what great entertainment. I regret that I didn' take note of the member's name but I laughed out loud reading a post from, "down under" who apoligized for his accent, GENIUS!
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Welcome to TBN MC, and welcome to Massey ownership!