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Dec 16, 2009
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Anybody care to share their opinion about the copper spray made for head gasket use? Is it a good idea or not? I have my YM2002D tore down awaiting gaskets, etc. Got everything cleaned up and ready to go back together. I am not sure whether to use this spay or not. Have got different opinions. Care to voice yours?
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Myself, the head gasket is one of the few gaskets that gets nothing but a prayer.
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Done lots of head gaskets, never used it, nor ever heard of anyone except novice mechanics who ever used it after hearing/reading about it. Never heard the outcome.
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I'm with Norm never used it. My personal opinion cleanliness is next to Godliness.:D A little extra Prayer like willl suggested doesn't hurt one bit.

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When I rebuilt my YM1700 I was told that it was not necessary. I now have over 100 hours and no problems.
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Not necessary.
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OK guys, I'm with you. No copper spray. Hoping parts get here tomorrrow. UPS messed up so didn't get them today. Going to try and post my cleaned up block and head. Thanks for your input.


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IMHO the product is used to hold the gasket in place before assembly. such as if there are no studs or dowels in the block. I do not think it advertises a better seal. And I use it on a regular basis.
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Got her back together today. Took my time, everything clean, torqued per manual, valves set, etc. No thermostat when I tore it down. There is now and I think it much better that it gets on up to operating temperature. Been running cool cool. Bled injector lines and she fired right up. No more bubbles in overflow bottle. I'm a happy camper right now! Thanks for your input.
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I have allways used a thin coat of grease on head gaskets. Never had a problem.