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I have to agree with Brian. I run a Bush Hog MBX 720 (now called the MBX 72) that weighs 640 lbs behind my TC35D. I'd love another 200-400 lbs of box blade myself. Hydraulic scarifiers would be icing on the cake!

I found a used Gannon with hydraulic scarifiers for $1100. The paint was barely scratched so it hadn't been used very much. It was a 66" model. If it would have been a 6 footer it would be mine.
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I agree, for a 49 hp COMPACT tractor, you do NOT want an industrial BB, nor do you want a heavy duty BB. A good medium duty Woods, Bush Hog or Land Pride will be all you want and can handle. And they are plenty heavy duty for your needs and the tractor's capability. I doubt that there is significant difference in the quality or construction of the three brands, just minor differences in design.

To go to hydraulic operated scarifiers is a LOT more money (double+?) and isn't worth the cost if you are using it primarily for counter weight and occasional grading, etc. The hydraulic scarifiers would only be justified if you were using it on a full time basis for grading.

I bought a 7' Bush Hog medium duty bb a couple of years ago and I'm happy with it. Prior to that I had a 5' used BB for ten years.


Why? Because a person can get by with a medium duty blade? Because you can get by is not a reason to forgo a better unit. As far as not being able to handle it, that is wrong. There are members here on TBN that have 4000 series JDs that have no problems, One of the guys has no loader that uses a 1200lb commercial box blade without problems.

You are right, hydraulic actuated scarifiers are expensive and luxury for a non professional, one of the reasons that I mentioned that I would look for a hydraulic unit. With the OP wanting a counter weight, it only makes sense to have one that is heavy, how much good is 500lbs vs 1,000 or more?

I use a 66" wide 700lb BB behind my 32hp 5,000lb Mahindra 3215HST without ANY problems. I'm sure that most any 49hp tractor can handle a 1,000lb+ BB without any problems.

I'm glad that you are happy with your 7"medium duty BB. If you are using that on the same tractor that you were using the 5' BB on, then I feel sorry for you that you were using such an under sized box all those years.
But whatever works for each of us is all that really matters.

The only draw back to the industrial box blade that I see is the cost. Other than that it's pretty hard to go wrong with a superior piece of equipment.

Just my opinion, others do vary. ;)
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I agree with Mtn. The weight of the tractor is the key. My 55 hp with 4WD and loaded tires weighs 8K and handles my 7' 1200 lb Modern BB pretty well, at least pushing backwards, which is all I've done so far.


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want to get a stout Box blade to carry around while "loadering" & "grappling"

What's needed to build a good quality HD box blade isn't exactly rocket science. Basic layout is pretty standard. Needs quality steel of the right gauge and strength. Top quality metal bending and welding. Good quality paint job.

It should not be a surprise that there are actually a fair number of outfits that do those things. In addition to the nationally-recognized ones (Woods/Gannon, Landpride, etc.), there are some regional manufacturers making good quality products. Unless you regard your boxblade as some kind of status symbol, it probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference which one you choose, as long as it's a good one.

Which brings us to the recommendations for getting a medium duty one and adding some weight. You can save some money that way, and a good quality medium-grade boxblade can easily handle some additional weight, both for ballast and to help it dig better, if (BIG "if") it's not going to be put into heavy-duty service. If your work is mainly "loadering" (I like that) and "grappling", maybe that would work just as well for you as paying more for a true heavy-duty one.

If you don't have the time to mess around adding some weight and don't mind paying more, then go with any of the good quality HD boxes.

Here's an old thread about box blades, but it has some good info regardless.

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Thanks for the link, it is a great source of very good, detailed, and useful information. I have an old 66" Rhino box blade that I used with my Ford 4000 that I sold years ago and then put it behind my Kubota L2900. I bought a new Kubota MX5100, 4WD, HST, w/LA 844 loader that is 5,500lbs. + or - in August of 2011 and I want a larger, heavier, and possibly more functional box scraper. I am not willing to spend the $$ required for the hydraulically operated boxes, so I am looking for the best of the ones I discovered in the linked thread you provided. I have been looking at Bushog, Land Pride, and Woods/Gannon. I am now adding Midwest, Buhler, and Befco to the list. I have R4's on my Kubota as I am cleaning out some old ponds on the property and they are really good in the muck, but they don't provide the traction of R1s. I am debating about a 6' or 7' blade. I think all of the manufacturers are represented at the National Farm Machinery show next month and I will check them out there and probably make my decision after that. I also need a new rotary mower, and a good set of lift harrows. It could be an expensive show!
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I just returned from searching for rollover box blades and discovered that Bush Hog also offers a blade with manually retractable scarifiers from the tractor seat utilizing a long handle similar to the rollover blade that will allow you to rip and scrape at the same time and then retract the scrapers without leaving the seat. I could not find any information on the Land pride site that indicated that they still offered a manually operated rollover box. Information on Buhler, and Midwest scraper boxes is limited and not readily available using a search engine. I did find some information on the Befco box.
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MidWest is no longer in biz, the owner died and then the company. :(

Roll over box blades are very good in my opinion, heavy duty-industrial quality. But most of the companies that made them don't any more. :(
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While I was researching box blades, I became interested in rollover blades as well. I don't remember all the details, but I discovered that the basic rollover design - that had been around since horse pulled implements - had been largely replaced by he hydraulic scarifier design. When I found that I could get a hydraulic blade for little more than a rollover, I went with the hydraulic and have been quite pleased with the results.
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Thanks for the information on Midwest. I can't justify the additional expense of hydraulic boxes as I would also have to install rear remotes on the tractor and the prices I was able to glean from internet pricing on hydraulically operated box blades ran $1500 and up more than the manual ones, although they are more versatile. If I were landscaping as a business then yes, the price would be secondary, but since this is occasional use it just doesn't work for my applications. I will check all this out at the Farm Machinery Show next month.
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Hey lots of good info here, I appreciate all the input! I'll give some more details of my "plight"....the tractor is around #4500 with loader.....loader can lift #2500, and 3-pt can lift #2800. I figure around #1000 lbs of rimguard for the rears? So a #1000 lb boxblade should be no issue. I was thinking at least #800 minimum.
Doing a little research, looks like "modern" makes a good quality heavy blade. And I called a local implement guy, he's got a new 72" but I forget the name. And he didn't know how much it weighs...:confused: But I'll still go check it out. There's a 72" woods on ebay, but I asked the seller he thinks it's only 505 lbs....he said he did a google search to find out....again....:confused: If you sell implements, shouldn't you know what they weigh? :thumbsup:
So maybe it was their light or medium line.....
And I'm still debating on a 72 or 84".....Yanmar sells the 72" for this tractor. Wouldn't mind hearing opinions on 72 vs 84..... maybe a new thread??:laughing: