Good morning!!!!

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49 outside right now, heading to upper 50's and that is about it. Weather needs to return to averaging out and get over these wild swings from hot to cold and cold to hot.

Speaking of trees, looks like my favorite tree service will get some business again from us this year. I have three that need to be removed. Two are close by the houses, one by the garage. Average circumference is unknown, lol. Width on one is 80 inches, next is 36 and a 34. The 80 incher is a Silver Maple so that's going to be a lot of work. Sigh. All of them look like the tops are dying out. Lots of space up there this spring.

Hope all have a great day. Be safe, those ailing, get well. Those in need, I hope comfort comes your way.
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Good Morning.
42° with a high of 55 on tap for today under a partly cloudy sky.

Today is alpaca shearing, the troops are gathering,


I pulled the pork out of the smoker after its 16 hour cook and got it shredded-


I’ll put it into a Cambro to keep it warm until lunchtime.

Yesterday was another mixed bag, did my time with Fusion, made a drawing for chain hooks, and a bracket to relocate the laptop stand in the plasma cutter. In true farmer fashion, I cut the bracket out of the end of an old oil tank that I cut up.





Cleaned out the firebox on the smoker and reloaded it, mixed up some rub and prepped the pork, fired up the smoker and loaded the pork into it.


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Good Morning,
St.Augustine, 60 to start going to 80 ! Beautiful sunrise ! Today we leave late morning to go to Plant City where Kathleen’s brother lives ! That is just north of Tampa !

Hope all have a Great Day ! 🙏


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nicely said Rip.

worked out a solution for the bidet seat electrical plug.
only outlet in bathroom competing for space with my right side. Plug the bidet cord in and it sticks into my side while trying to do my business. Just too tight in there for a
moderately large person.
so I looked at that electrical box, do I move it, do I tap off it to a new lower box, or, or...light went on. I ordered a two foot heavy duty white electrical extension cord with a flat plug that rotates to any angle. That should fit and not stick me in the side.
a cure for 12 bucks. Oh happy days.

running the propane furnace in rv a little to dry out the pipes and hopefully chase any critters out. Temp dropped to 74 in here, still comfortable. Furnace is powerful, already too hot.
off it goes.

this coming trip having a good working a/c is my first priority; have a Dometic rooftop unit considered reliable.

killing time before I go out and flush the tanks
no sense leaving before 9, too much traffic, in the eye of this driver. I just can't drive as fast as they want to go on local concrete highways like 611, which has terrible bumps and expansion joints in it. I'm doing the speed limit of 55, maybe 57 and I've got six cars behind me. And they aren't sending kind thoughts my way.

so I try to avoid commuting times but by 9am I've really got the itch to go.


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I looked up the company at the very bottom of the screen.
interesting, they almost imply they own TBN

I wonder how TBN compares to other large tractor oriented sites. Not that it matters, but now that we are part of the IMC digital universe, who knows who far we can go... ;)
soon there will be tractors on Saturn.
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Morning all, 45 going to 56 and partly cloudy.

Ended up buying a bosch 800 dishwasher, hoping it shows up soon.

My brother went to Cali to visit my Uncle and see what is up with my dad.

Seems dad is in bad shape, house is a mess, he is having trouble walking and is losing coherence, doesn't remember things that happened recently.
Trying to figure out how to get him to a Dr. he has become quite obstinate and his girlfriend is a nightmare, which is not making things better.
And he is in California, so can't just pop over and get him to Dr.

Wagtail - happy the parade worked out well, thought I could hear you here :)

Scotty, I have cut down plenty of 3 foot+ diameter Ash here.

Mostly - sorry you BIL has to go through that, prayers on full recovery.

Drew - I see Muhammad and family as owners of that company, so makes sense.
Safe trip home.

Be well,
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Good Morning!!!! 54F @ 5:00AM. Becoming partly cloudy and windy. High 62F. Winds NW at 20 to 30 mph.

When I first got the DR mower I downloaded and printed a copy of the shop manual for the Kawasaki engine it uses. Never touched it until yesterday when I used the instructions for removing the carb to clean it. All the jets came out one by one, poked a wire from the oxy-acetylene tip cleaner through each one, and put everything back together. I've had deposits in jets that were clear before, so just looking through the jet in strong light made it appear to be unobstructed. But the wire found and removed the obstruction. Anyway, the mower started right up and ran well, almost all the way down to idle, where it chugged a few times and died. Probably because I didn't run it long enough to properly warm up. The ad for the DR is getting plenty of clicks, but no takers yet. Some inventive low ball offers, and one fellow wants to come look at it tomorrow. It only takes one, but they better have cash or they'll be leaving without it.

Replaced the 240VAC outlet that came with the house with a simple dryer type outlet, and was able to fire up the small air compressor. Learned that the outlet is always hot, and had to turn off main service breaker, backup battery breaker, and solar panel breaker to de-energize the outlet. Then when I opened up the box containing the outlet, I only found the two hot leads and a ground wire, no neutral. Good enough for now, but at some point I'll install a sub panel and run a neutral from the main panel, and that outlet will get its own breaker.

Drug out the tire mounting machine and spin balancer and broke the bead loose on one of the trailer tires. Put it on the machine and got the bead stuck on the dismount spoon because the prongs that hold the rim are slipping. Not sure what to do next, other than walk away and have some dinner. I'd like to have those tires swapped this morning so I can dispose of them when I make a grocery run.

Hang in there, gang, Friday's comin'!
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I looked up the company at the very bottom of the screen.
interesting, they almost imply they own TBN

I wonder how TBN compares to other large tractor oriented sites. Not that it matters, but now that we are part of the IMC digital universe, who knows who far we can go... ;)
soon there will be tractors on Saturn.
They do own TBN, that's the boss man himself..