Good morning!!!!

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Got the new combustion motor for the pellet stove yesterday, so I tried it and it works. It also appears to be the real deal and not the clone. The one I ordered was $7 more than the one that said made in china, and it also has the name of the original fan manufacturer. Looks to be the real deal. My original had 2 motor cooling fans on it, the new ones have one. All I need to do is seal the pipe connection and it should be good for next fall.

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More buckeye news.
Yesterday we looked at a 10.2 acre lot in WV, and put a verbal offer in on it. It appears they may accept our offer, which will be contingent on selling our VA lot. This lot does cost more being larger, so I might have to pony up some additional cash. WV lot has no restrictions and has a perc that was just done in February. Seller put in a driveway, and electric crosses the lot right next to where we would build. Downside is it is mostly sloping land and the end of a ridge, but there is a nice flat bench area to build on. It is also all woods, except for the little area the sellers cleared putting in the driveway. Also the start of the drive is a little steep, but manageable. It faces south and has a view, and if we remove a few more trees it will have a really nice view. WV has no restrictions, and we can put our camper on it and camp without anyone caring. It is also half the distance to our house than the VA lot. This lot will probably not be for a retirement house, but rather a cabin and camping investment. We would build in this area at the end where they brought in the drive. View from above the trees.

20240415_120520_IMG_5047 (2).JPG
On the VA lot, the county will not let me do anything until I file for a house building permit. No barn, no electric hookup, no garage until the house permit is filed.

We have not yet moved forward with a formal offer. The realtor's husband is the owner. They bought this 25 acres last fall, subdivided into two 10 acre and a 5 acre lot, perc'd them, and put in the driveways. this is the corner lot. A paved road to the west, gravel road to the south. The 5 acre to the east and the other 10 acres behind and above me. view up the drive from the road.
Tell me if I'm crazy. About 40 minutes from Winchester VA
WV also allows cisterns as a water source.

8 miles to Tractor supply and FoodLion, which is closer than where I am now to either one.

20240415_122913_IMG_5074 (2).JPG
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needed to come in and sit.
got the greenhouse completely cleaned out, now I have to figure out what to do with it.
then a friend came by with another super talkative friend from Vermont I've never met and we talked cars and rvs, so
not hard to do. He was about to pick up his first rv. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was one of the lower quality
units out there. But I did make sure he packs a tool kit and emergency tape.
they left finally, now headed back out to thin the lettuce.

sadly must report the cukes and beans aren't looking so good.
first I thought they were, then they weren't, then they were and now I see white leaves.
guess I'll be buying them locally in a few weeks. I bet a few make it, that's how life is usually.

fingers crossed for good call on tractor David.
are you being extra nice to Sophie so you can use her tractor? ;)

Lou you sound a little remote. Where I'm guessing is exactly where you want to be.
I think the primary determinant, particularly when you get older, is how far you are from a good hospital.
We all need medical care.
and I guess it would be nice to not have the ice cream melt before you get home...
You wouldn't think in upstate New York that you would be very far from anything, unless you get up in the Adirondacks then you can be few hours from anything.
But yes to get to my "town" it's over 10 and closer to 15 minutes from my house if I go the other way it's about the same distance. Our "big" stores Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart are in Saratoga, Glens Falls or Bennington Vt., all are 40-50 minutes drive from the house. But it is nice my close neighbors are deer and turkeys, but as soon as I hit my road at the foot of my driveway (1/4 mile and over 200 feet elevation change) I can see 3 houses. Just 3 miles from my place to the family farm which my Nephew is buying out and were I do a bit of work at times.
So it's not a bad place to be, in my mind at least.
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Good (Wednesday) morning. Overnight Low of 10.8C and it's presently 17.4C, mostly cloudy & calm.

It's 'into town' day for scripts/mail/petrol/groceries. I'll also need to order a wreath, on behalf of my Church, for next Thursday's ANZAC Day (25th Apr.).

That's about it, take care all.
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Good evening all. 68ºFfor the start, mostly clear sky. .1 inch in rain gauge, breezy. Moderate wind, mostly clear sky, and high temp was 83ºF. made coffee to start, then breakfast and putter, bike ride on Peugeot, lunch, mow front yard, two loads of laundry, nap, grief share and dinner.
Two_bit that is just a pic snapped from the road near Kerrville. I can't tell you any more.
Ron glad driver's license renewed. Sounds like good decision to do JD next. Hope mow tractor went well today. nice pic
Thomas Boo probably waiting for picnic baskets ;) Hope day went well.
Bill hope day went according to plan.
Dennis sorry he had to be disturbed.
Mike hope better road trip than driving through hailstorm. Glad no damage.
Scaredy no problem on the notes. Glad you got your deposit back. glad you have a new friend.
Scott(vt) glad urologist was able to help you frequent trips to bathroom. Hope you don't have to be on new medicine long term.
Drew just don't send those pounds this way :) Glad good progress in garden. You would need very tall fences to keep deer out! Hope you can re-home the greenhouse and not have to store it.
Dennis thanks for update on accident. Have you checked online to se what value car had prior to accident? Good to hear son continues to heal hope leg/knee is doing better.
RNG sounds like a lot of work still going on to get loaded and unloaded. Hope dump run and weed spraying go well.
Ken sorry white pine losing to deer rub. Cedars are very invasive should be able to get a replacement.Glad prep for son's prom progressing.
Paul glad you are getting a feel for the AutoCad. Hope you don't leave deep tracks when you mow. Nice work on the brackets. Hope Progressive mower performs as expected.
Buppeis what delightful news :) prayers sent. thanks for the prayers
Two_bit was riding near there Easter weekend. Sorry about the spotty results with weed control.
RS nice weather! sounds like you got a lot done in those 28 hours. Hope today progressed well. Nice pics
Lou hope you dry out a bit. S not much is getting built closer, but when it does you will likely complain about the crowding.
Frits glad clean up of new workspace. Sounds like the Big Thompson flood of 76.
David glad dentist went well, now for the tractor.
Drew glad you had a nice visit and a rest time. Sorry about the cukes and beans now not as good as last reported.
Gstrom congrats on new trailer. Hope no severe thunderstorms.
Scotty can imagine the nerve of someone giving away old washer and dryer.
Bill glad install progressing. Sorry knees and back not happy. Hope no damage when widow maker came down, good luck with clean up.
Dennis sorry about date issues on the pics. Thanks for progress pics.
Bill looking forward to the installed pics
Dennis clad new motor is OEM and stove now works
Dennis sounds like this is a better lot for you. Hope it works out.
Lou thanks for the info.
Randy(wag) hope town trip was successful.
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /son's migraines, Bird /aging issues, Ron /heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /cancer, parathyroid,blood sugar /wife healing, Thomas /gout, Phil /reflux, Frits /veteran son with mental issues, /granddaughter with Evans Syndrome, Ken /dad possible dementia, /chronic fatigue, Diet not working, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, Lou /eye issues, /heart issues, /wife hip replacement, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, /fall and recovery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's hip or leg pain, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /marriage dissolving, / friend stop drinking, Dennis /retirement, /neighbor issues, /land development, /favorable winds not in the forecast there, /dad surgery recovery, Drew /back operation issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, Scotty /back pain, Helogabals /wife's friend situation, Fatjay /father broken hip, Israel, Ukraine war, and Country.
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Coffee is done brewing. 52° with rain this morning. Heading to 72° with afternoon thunderstorms. Cut back field with Flail mower. After taking Flail mower off tractor. Removed FEL from tractor. Put MMMower on tractor. Took it for a run around yard getting all the high grass spots. I think I am ready for the mowing season. Need to change house water filters today. Then some other house chores.
Yesterdays sunrise.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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Moring all!
37 going to a sunny 62.
Managed to get a bunch of hours raking done in the yard! Don't know where all these pine cones are coming from? Filled the wheel barrow 4 times and now there's more where it was already done!
We decided yesterday to make a day trip. Headed out to Hudson, Ma. to the Heritage Museum and it was definitely worth the trip. Big place with lot's of displays of all the wars and actions! Will attach a few pics.
Heading out this morning to a friends for coffee and to check out a tree he took down Monday. Free wood! Best kind!
After that need to get the wife's car inspected. Will be raking again as weather permits. Debating on snow blower removal to the tractor...
Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
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59 outside this AM, heading to mid 70's,

Wife road trip today. out her parents house. It's overwhelming. More lawyer stuff for me. $$$$. It's not looking good for me (right now) trying to settle my Dad's estate.

Played pick up sticks yesterday. Burn pile area is still soggy. Should get the tractor around the property lines and trails but it is just too wet.

Not much on the agenda today, maybe the day job will takes some time and put the mind elsewhere.

Hope all have a great day. Be safe. Happy hump day.