Good morning!!!!

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While driving in a hail storm yesterday, got a call from another insurance guy concerned the payout on the Subaru. They are giving me more than I expected. 6 yo vehicle and I’m getting more than half of what I paid. Think this is the 5th person from the insurance company that has contacted us. My insurance rates will surely skyrocket next year.
So gotta go thru that today, and mail them the title.
Son is healing well, marks gone from the face, scabs coming off on the leg.
If you ever watch Wild Wonderful Offgrid on YouTube, went by their place yesterday. I watch some of their videos, but a little too much drama for me. They have over 1M subscribers.
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Good Morning!!!! 51F @ 4:15AM. Sun and clouds mixed. High 76F. Winds light and variable.
Filling installed about 1980, plenty of service life left, but dentist says that material no longer suitable.
Had a dentist pull that trick about 20 years ago on 20+ year old amalgam fillings. They're still there and I haven't seen a dentist since.

Is Market Place the Facebook one, SC? Does it have an escrow service, and if so, how does it work? I'm going to need something like that when time comes to sell my Kubota...

I think I got the heavy loading out of the way yesterday: Horizontal and vertical bandsaws, gasoline powered cement mixer, drill press, and the 7.5 HP dual cylinder compressor. Had to lay the compressor down on dollies to get it through the trailer door, so drained the oil out of it first. That oil was very thick, and it took a long time to drool out, even with the vacuum sucker on the job. Then oil still leaked out of the intake filter, so I wrapped that in foil to catch the mess. Used the forks on the tractor to lay the compressor over. New neighbor down south has an engine hoist he'll let me borrow to set it upright. That'll be interesting...

Finished up by refilling five five gallon propane tanks. Almost as soon as the bleeder screw was cracked on the first one, a swarm of blue bottle flies descended, seemed like they were attracted to the leaking propane. Weird.

Weird that "weird" doesn't follow the "i before e except after c" rule, huh? But apropos.

Today the plan is to go around the house and put anything but the bare necessities in a box, then fit the boxes around the open spots in the trailer. When those are filled, it'll be the van's turn.

Dump run tomorrow, so need to get the pickup loaded up for that today, too. There's already a bunch of cardboard and nine tires in there, but there's a pile of mostly plastic junk that needs to go, too. That'll leave a bunch of metal scrap to deal with next visit.

And somewhere in there I need to work in another session of weed spraying, as the last bit missed way too many spots. That or the stuff I used wasn't strong enough; it was a Tractor Supply knock off of RM43.
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Morning all, 47 going up to 72 and sunny.
Wow was it hot yesterday.
Looks like the white pine I planted 4 years ago is succumbing to the deer rub, very unhappy .
Sawed the fallen tree off the bent cedar, but the cedar may have been pushed over too far and may be a write off :-(

On a positive note, son has his tux for the prom, and permission to drive from his GFs mom via a long nice talk with my wife.

be well,
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Good Morning
It’s 54° with a high of 70 forecast under clear skies.
Yesterday was similar and made it past 80.

Yesterday was a mix of chores and too much time in front of the computer learning Autocad Fusion 360. I would alternate between the computer and outside chores. It’s getting to where I’m going to have to mow whether it’s dry enough or not. I still have the dead tree limb that is stuck into the ground to deal with, but it appears to be stable for now.

Making progress with the software, was able to draw and cut some parts for my friends Kubota excavator. He wants to weld a hitch receiver onto the front blade.



Today will start with breakfast with the professor, then back for some more Fusion learning. I’ll have to go over to my neighbor’s farm where he is “storing” my 300 amp engine driven welder for me. I’ve got to get it out to take to the excavator to weld on the hitch. Easier than bringing the excavator to me.
Not much else planned, especially if I hook up the Progressive mower and take it for its maiden voyage since I worked it over.
Maybe I’ll take the pole saw and remove some limbs from the dropped limb. It’s about a foot in diameter x at least 20 feet tall and stuck in the ground like it’s an established tree.
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Good Morning from the headwaters of the Pedernales! That is where I am off to this morning. From 67F to about 85F today and cloudy to fair later.

Burned more cuttings from the limb yesterday and some trim mowing. Too windy to get any spraying done but sure was nice to have some good breezes while working outside. Got a little warm.

That is my day planned out for me.
Sounds like a great plan L4N!

I have been drinking a lot more water during the day with a splash of cranberry juice ! Should be interesting to see what they say this morning!
Good to hear the improvemnet report! Good luck with the rest of the visit. You reminded me its time to get a jug of cranberry juice as proactive.

So gotta go thru that today, and mail them the title.
Son is healing well, marks gone from the face, scabs coming off on the leg.
Great news on the son's improvements and the positive indications on the car settlement!

And somewhere in there I need to work in another session of weed spraying, as the last bit missed way too many spots. That or the stuff I used wasn't strong enough; it was a Tractor Supply knock off of RM43.
I did a round along the fence line at the house a few weeks back and wasn't impressed with the results either. Used some brand name 'Ground Clear' from HD. The kill was very spotty and not quick as it usually is. I have used RM43 with good results in the past. Probably should pick some up so I'll be ready when we get a calm day. Good luck on the rest of the move!

Enjoy your day everyone! Stay safe, well fed and prosperous! Prayers for our Nation!
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62F with bright sunshine @ 09:30, today's high temp revised upward again - now calling for a very pleasant 76F as the high ... (y)

Got up about 2 hours ago after a very restful sleep ... went to bed around 22:00, slept like a log.

Likely due to the fact that my "yesterday" went on for 28+ hours straight ... :LOL:

Got the wood put back up on the storage rack and a path cleared to the saw horses yesterday, locating the second 1 gallon hand pump sprayer that was used for Roundup in the process.

Then got 27 square pots partially filled with potting mix in preparation for repotting the tomato seedlings.

Reassembled the Shower Massage head and reinstalled in the shower in the basement bathroom so The Woman could take a shower.

Once She got cleaned up we headed down to Menards and picked up the order, except for the wire remesh panels.

Apparently they have been flying through those with the nice weather we've been having, only had 9 in stock and they were all pretty well mangled up. Kent and Cuyahoga Falls have plenty (as of yesterday) so may run up there and see about picking up what we're owed.

On the way back home we stopped at DQ and grabbed some chili dogs for lunch.

After we got back the Woman was looking at the seedlings in front of the living room picture window and announced that some of the redbud seeds had germinated and were pushing up through the soil so I had to investigate.

Took a count and as of yesterday afternoon 17 had sprouted and come up. So I moved those out from under their clear covers onto a boot tray where they wouldn't totally cooked and watered all of the pots including the rest of them that haven't come up as of yet.

IMG_3172 copy.jpg

After that The Woman headed over to the barn and retrieved the Cub and I grabbed the ladder meshes out of the van and hauled those around back as She wanted to see how they were going to work as hoops for row covers.

Looks like they should work pretty well - they are 10' long over all, they are light enough to easily bend and form into a hoop, with four single wires (2 on each end) about 1' long that can be driven into the ground to secure them:

IMG_3166 copy.jpg

Inserted at a 4' width they form a hoop about 3' high:

IMG_3167 copy.jpg

I did discover that you can't use your feet on the crossbars to drive the ends though the weed block fabric ... you have to use your hands and do it carefully ... otherwise the welds on the crossbars will break.

After that experiment I took the Cub up to the front and started mowing and got the area that I had mowed previously mowed again.

Got that all done and by the time 22:00 rolled around I was having trouble keeping my eyes open so I hit the rack.

On agenda for today:

Refill hopper and tube feeders.

Unload palletized Menards order from the van and get those items put away.

Reload second sprayer with glyphosate.

Clean out third sprayer which had been using with vinegar and get it loaded with fungicide for the peach trees.

Get more spraying done back in the garden.

Spray any weeds in the pile of screened compost before they get totally out of hand.

More mowing in front this afternoon before the un-mowed portions get completely out of control.

Magnolia has started to bloom:

IMG_3171 copy.jpg

Some more signs of Life and that Spring is indeed here:

IMG_3169 copy.jpg

IMG_3164 copy.jpg

Hope everyone has a decent Tuesday ... (y)
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had to look up the Pedernales River TwoBit
not very big river, but pretty
so you are in the Texas hill country since the water flows East.
River named after shale rocks found in riverbed.

Pedernales River.jpg