Good morning!!!!

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Drinking first cup of coffee. 44° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 68° with sun and a few clouds. Renewed my drivers licenses. Took a while to navigate the DMV's site. Got it done. After I got out to barn decided to do JD instead of tractor. Sharpened blades and gave it a good wash job. Then lubed all the grease fitting. Took around yard and mowed all the high spots in yard. Should get mower tractor ready to go for today.

Everyone stay safe and well

Good Morning All.
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32F clear sky mid 50's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
15 deer feeding in front field around sunset,several vesicles stop to watch and take pictures Boo was not impress.

Plans for today...8 hours at part store afterwards :unsure:

Enjoy your day all.
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Good morning, the low is 30 and going to a high of 52°F. Wind N 2 mph. Mainly sunny.

I changed up the routine, a dump run today and town too. Need ten more bags of cement, a 7/16" drill bit and 6' of 7/16" threaded rod along with 12 flat washers and nuts. If I have to I will use 1/2" instead.
Gotta get a new 25' garden hose and nozzle.

After this work is done I need to wash the tractor. The hoe needs a good bath and grease.

That is my day planned out for me.

Have a safe day all
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65 outside right now. Heading to lower 70's. Ran into and through a hail storm yesterday while on the road. Yikes. Talk about loud. Eyeballed the wife's truck and we escaped damage. Trees and bushes got clean up, a lot. Lots of sticks around for the burn pile.

Another road trip on the agenda today. Not much else.

Hope all have a great day, be safe.
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love that photo BEF ... lots of turtles in this area also ... they even have road signs made :)

mostly_ thanks for your notes, they keep me in the loop

i'm glad that i finally got my Deposit money back on that tractor in the Market Place listing. Described as a 1991 Case B10 (umm ? ... doesn't exist) turned out to be a 1958-59 Case 610B when I got there ... not even close to expectations, but seller made good on refund. i gave him a $10 Tim Horton's gift card as a Thank You for his integrity, and that gesture overwhelmed him - now i have a "friend" who will help me find other stuff as I need them ... tire chains, rear blade, or whatever else

Have a good day everyone. I need another nap, it's way too early even for roosters
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Good Morning,
Ct, 44 to start going to 67 ! Yesterday was well into the 70’s, but a bit cooler today !

Back to urologist this morning, I have improved quite a bit, I have gone from getting up multiple times during the night to just once ! Usually can make it 5 hours before I need to get up ! I have been drinking a lot more water during the day with a splash of cranberry juice ! Should be interesting to see what they say this morning!

Bill, I saw the tank picture you posted, looks well built and heavy duty ! Good luck with the install!

Took around yard and mowed all the high spots in yard. Should get mower tractor ready to go for today.
Ron, I did same thing yesterday with the weed eater, lawn not quite high enough for a full mow job yet !

Will try to get a long walk in before appointment this morning then more work on pool and yard.

Drew, glad extraction went well !

Hope all have a blessed and safe day ! 🙏
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good morning all
Scaredy, always good to hear from you.
good outcome on the tractor.

Ron and Scott, thanks. Trying to be very careful with what I eat, maybe I'll lose a few needed pounds...
but it's starting to throb so I might indulge in a little white pill this morning. At least it's on top.

I got a lot of gardening done yesterday, going to try to chill more today. House is a mess, need to clean living room and get all the
planting supplies out of it. Then a very careful vacuum to get the bugs out. Little black ants came in with one of the trays that previously had
potting soil left in it. Ants must have nested in it. I sprayed mint oil and that seemed to help.

The two willow shrubs I planted in the back will be fully underwater next time Lake Drew comes up. Will be a real testimony to a willow's
ability to not overdrink when so much water available. Unlike a tomato, or a melon that will drink til it bursts.
Willow tree is doing great, having survived the first deer attack which almost girdled it.
Now they are all armored with stakes and plastic netting. Which is really ugly, would rather just have the plants, but....
without a fenced property, it's all food for the deer.
remembering that last year one very angry deer stomped two of the willow bushes into literal bits.
They survived, but are a tiny fraction of when new. I can see eating them, but stomping them?

cooler day today.
I may get motivated and take down the greenhouse.
grass has grown a foot tall inside it, time to put it away. Where I don't know, behind the garage so can't be seen I guess.
I really want to give it away because I'm getting a much better one next.
I wonder if I dragged it to side of road and put FREE on it, would it disappear?