Good morning!!!!

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58 this morning high of 80 storms all missed us yesterday still warm no humidity so comfortable, going to miss our Va neighbor BEF.

Prayers for all our Country
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30F clear sky upper 50's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today...remove tire chains from Kubota and clean road side ditch,than rake clean 3 different areas with hopes ground firm enough for Kubota.

Birds are singing so I better get at it
Enjoy your day all.
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Tractor sure looks different with FEL off.
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good morning all
looks like our nice warm weather has left, more seasonable for next week
I got worried at 4am and went out and brought in a flower planter from outside,
the one built for a Mother's Day present. Would not be good if I froze it now before the gift...

So I've been up for awhile, read my book, drank my coffee, wondering what the day will bring

very pleased that I figured out how to fix hydraulic levelers on rv. Youtube to the rescue...saw a video that confirmed I needed
to "set the null". Which means activate a memory setting when the unit is perfectly level, so it knows where it needs to finally be.
apparently the fronts had lost their brain and would not activate, just the rears.
So...I manually pressed the buttons to get it level, and then pushed another button while holding this one down, etc.
Then turned it on again. Down went the fronts just like they should and the whole thing leveled on four cylinders.
nice when it works...

today I finally clean out the living room of all my planting stuff. That means making room in the garage for it, where there was no room.
Better organization in the garage needed, need to maximize use of what space I have.

hope you all have a good day

would love to hear from Paul/PJS and Ted
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52 going to 77. Maybe a shower.

BEF, glad your son is better and insurance payment is fair. Nice looking WV road...I've had to drive through the river a few times in western VA...always scary. Good luck on the new land.

RNG, weird.

Mowed for a couple of hours yesterday morning, enjoying the smell of the apple blossoms and lilac, and the fact that the overnight shower washed the pollen off. Then needed more diesel, so we went to town for a Mexican lunch, diesel, and a couple of chores. Then mowed a couple of hours more in the afternoon, enjoying the smell of the Sweet Betsy. Springtime has its benefits.
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Ron, what is that horn/siren?? attached to top of FEL controls?
nice looking tractor
It’s a Ooga horn. My wife bought one for my older tractor. Was a call for her to bring me a beer. 🍻 That never happened. She got the idea from my old Farmall 340. It had an original Klaxton horn on it. Kids love the sound of it. Like to press the button.
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Good Morning!!!! 56F @ 4:15AM. Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 79F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

Glad your repair worked, Drew. You'll have more confidence when the next one is needed.

One of the things I like most about spring is the smell of all the blossoms. But so far, my sense of smell hasn't come back yet. But I can still sneeze, so I guess I should at least be grateful for that.

Got the pickup overstuffed with junk for the dump, along with two sets of tires to turn in on today's amnesty (no dump charge) day. Don't think I've ever had so much in the back before, and there are still a few things to load into to the extra cab.

Van is loaded, too, and again there are still a few things to add on top, like picture frames and other delicate things.

I also need to repair the electric fence around the solar panels, as the deer have broken the wire and are again using it for shade in the afternoon. Don't need any horns poking through the panels, or more broken wires under there. And should still spray weeds, but time is running out for this trip.

Happy Hump Day, folks!
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Moring all!
37 going to a sunny 62.
Managed to get a bunch of hours raking done in the yard! Don't know where all these pine cones are coming from? Filled the wheel barrow 4 times and now there's more where it was already done!
We decided yesterday to make a day trip. Headed out to Hudson, Ma. to the Heritage Museum and it was definitely worth the trip. Big place with lot's of displays of all the wars and actions! Will attach a few pics.
Heading out this morning to a friends for coffee and to check out a tree he took down Monday. Free wood! Best kind!
After that need to get the wife's car inspected. Will be raking again as weather permits. Debating on snow blower removal to the tractor...
Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
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I’ve been there a few times. I go in the fall when they do the battle for the airfield reenactment. Lots of awesome tanks they got from the Littefield’s collection a few years ago including a running panther.

They have quite the historical car collection in the other building…not sure if you got to see that too