Good morning!!!!

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That is such a scary thing to witness. And-- you are helpless to do anything except provide comfort.

Our beautiful Golden Retriever we just lost had a first seizure at age 5. Before that, never had a dog that had a seizure. Long story short, after some additional seizures, we put him on a low dose of twice-daily phenobarbital. Since it was low dosage we did not observe any change in behavior or personality-- but it eliminated 95% of the seizures for the next 3 1/2 years we had him.

Good luck to you-- hope for the best!
Many years ago we bred and raised Brittanys. It was a wonderful learning experience for our 3 young boys, and I did a lot of bird hunting. Our momma pet had a seizure and it was scary like you said. The vet provided a medicine that worked, but I've forgotten what it was.
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Partly cloudy sky,27F now and that will be high for today once clear sky mercy going down,by sunset upper teens gusty winds.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today...4 hours at part store afterwards stop for critter food,afternoon :unsure:

Enjoy your day all.
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Drinking hot coffee. 19° with partly cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 32° with mostly sunny skies. Conserve energy day did not happen. It was so nice out I decided to switch where I store my 2 trailers. Moved Mule trailer under Lean-to to animal barn and utility trailer to Lean-to. I have not used newer tractor for moving things yet. Needed to find tow bar and other things for moving stuff. Got it together and things moved. I have a large pile of metal to haul to scrap yard in utility trailer. Sure is a big change in temperatures. Will be a better day to Conserve Energy. Just never know. One of my neighbors will want to work on a project.
Today's February Snow Full Moon.

Everyone stay well and half.

Good Morning All.
Snow moon reflecting off the snow last night one could see long ways. (y)
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35, a little foggy, going to 50.

Mpham, great idea making that Yabut. Cool.

Ron, great full moonlight here this morning...but no snow on the ground for it.

Bluebirds already picking their bird houses and pairing up.

Yesterday was moving day for my MIL...a rainy day, but that didn't matter since it was just down one floor in the same building. My oldest son was off work, so helped all day until dark. We got 90% done...the 10% is really due to my wife not having made final decisions about what moves, or gets removed.

I've had this Cosco handtruck for many years and it is fabulous. It can be converted into 3 positions based on what you need to move, including as a 4 wheel cart. Aluminum and lightweight.
Last time we moved her, a friend helped, and liked this so much I went to Costco the next day and bought him one for helping. This and a heavy duty Harbor Freight dolly did the job. I still have her old sofa bed in the back of my pickup...real old, and nowhere to put hoping I can lift it into the dumpster today.
Cosco handtruck.jpg
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39 outside this AM, heading to upper 40's. Appears to be a dry day and maybe some sun in store for us today.

Yesterday's errand and domestic runs were a bust. Real job and lawyers got attention most of the day.

Today, I will scarf some more firewood from the back forty. Not really what I need to do, but I find the woods, relaxing. I'll see if I can also get the Milk House water proofing started. Third time is the charm, right?

Hope all have a great day. Remember - Be safe!
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Good morning
37 going to 44

Cody doing well and still waiting for lab results

Son had episodes last night
Wife spent time on the phone to calm him down and hopefully get him off his track he was ready to give up

Got several estimates for the truck
The on she spot cash is close to 40k for a ten year old truck. That must be the whole sale price I would think
Those big diesel trucks are in demand
Did not appreciate much
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Good Morning
37° and partly cloudy, that’s going to be the high for today, but it will transition to clear skies and wind will pick up.

Yesterday I decided to build a couple of speakers, as I have a large backlog of people that want one. It’s nice to be able to build them whenever I feel like it. I enjoy the wood working, I just don’t want to make a job out of it.



Architect came by, we tweaked the plans some, I spoke to Zoning officer about square footage limit of my variance, he informed me that the limit is net, not gross, so with the 2x6 exterior walls, the latest design conforms to the limitation. We tweaked a few details, I think we are getting pretty close.

FedEx brought me some work for the little plane, I’m going to add some more fuel capacity, as it is pretty limited now. Part of the problem is that I swapped the original 115hp engine for a 160hp one. Much better performance, but not a lot of fuel. I’ve got to get these big boxes out of the shop and into the hangar.


Had a good time playing music last night. Music, like pets provide a sense of comfort that’s hard to explain. There is something to be said about the energy of a live performance as well.

Today I’ll start back on the speakers, then go pick up the aging RAV4 which dodged a bullet for now. Leak was coolant, coming from a bypass tube with aged out O Rings. It was so inaccessible that the leak could only be found with an inspection camera with a pressure tester on the system. It’s a many hour job to get access to it, the Toyota service manual says to remove the engine (which didn’t happen), but it requires a lot of disassembly and jacking.

Son is coming with his truck to move parts to the hangar, while we’re there we’ll fly to lunch somewhere. After that, back to the speakers.
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Good Morning Guys,
Vt, 12 to start going to 22 ! Cloudy now with some light flurries ! A stark difference in temps from yesterday!

David, I have start issues on my 1982 Wheel Horse, 12 hp. I think it’s an issue with the ACR. I can still get it started but it’s difficult! Of course I wish you the best in diagnosis of your problem !

Got some work done in the wood shop yesterday, I got the first seat glued up, and started laying out the second rocker seat cutouts on the band saw ! It took awhile to warm up the shop so that temp was conducive to gluing !

Plan on doing a little more work on it today after coffee and then get the wood stove going again !

Hope all have a blessed and safe day ! 🙏


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Popgadget, I thought the Blues Bros had come back! Had to crank that up.
First I was looking for you...then saw it was recorded 10 years ago.

Scott, patience Grasshopper, let the wood warm up... ;)

I'm off to Tractor Supply with my propane tank. Up 413 to Stump Road (always liked that name)
and over to rt 611 aka Easton Highway to the big white and red sign. 611 is a bumpy patched concrete road that
will shake your teeth out at times. I'm always glad to get off it, back roads showing some pothole issues now, all normal.
even with deer I will drive at night but when the potholes come out you just can't drive over them without risking 45 series tires.
I usually put my fog lights on going home to highlight the road to better dodge them.

Bill, you plowed so much snow you get to have a whole bunch of energy conservation days.