Good morning!!!!

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29 outside this AM, may get to 40. Beautiful moon these last two mornings.

Just cannot seem to capture it in photographs. So I just sit and look at the wonder of it for a few minutes.

Need to move some firewood around this AM. Possibly make the trip into the back with the splitter to work on the oak again. I think I am one third of the way through that tree.

Hope all have a great day. Be safe.
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32F now should be the high for today partly cloudy.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today...8 hours at part store,not sure what I'll get into after work.

Enjoy your day all.
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Yo !

Here you can see how good morning I had

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I understand, this is social thread, but we can discuss tractors here too, dont we ? 😁

Funny thing. Sunday night used plow, was - 10 C. Then took it off and worked a bit with bucket. It was late, dropped tractor as is, with bucket on. Left plow indoors.
This morning obviously had to put plow back. Mechanically all good, but coudnt connect hydraulics of plow. Until realized that problem is temperature increase from -10 top +20 C. Thus pressure has raised and I simply coudnt press tip of quick connector.
Wasted good 20 min. F*** around. Pardon, but no other words on that. Loosen connector near cylinder, literally 5 g of oil leaked. Done.

Plowed good 3 1/2 hours
That was really what my leaking nose needed. 😁
Just curious, what is sticking up behind your rear bumper on the car? Tried to zoom in and still can't make it out
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good morning all
hard to believe, it's still November and forecast is for on and off snow flurries this morning.
perhaps a reminder to finish my winterizing?...

at least I'm not shoveling or scraping it...

didn't sleep all that well last night, kept thinking about all the stuff needed to be done.
Including xmas decorations, gifts, all the stuff I normally had done by now.

rv registration renewal came, one year or two, no discount, 154 a year.
Since I survived this last trip and no new dents!!...guess I'll pony up for the two year.

I have to figure out how to bribe, cajole, whine pitifully, moan endlessly, until Popgadget comes and supervises my toilet
repair. I need someone smarter than me. Figured out he could stand comfortably (hah) in the shower while I worked on the toilet after I had pulled it forward
about a foot. I have the tubing, the tools, the connectors, just not the experience or the confidence. I really want this fixed for good.
and the only person I know who knows how to do stuff aircraft quality is my favorite McGyver.

I drained the water tanks late yesterday, and left electric heat on set at 60. Still haven't drained hot water heater, pretty sure anode has to come out.
Will be interesting to see how much my new one decomposed after one season. I have a spare, they are cheap.
Reminds me of installing zincs on the bottom of my boat.

stepped on scales, lost four pounds on this trip. Scale only says FAT instead of VERY FAT.
all improvements gratefully accepted

Helo, your posts are the best. Do you have some good snow tires on that Tesla?
Not to be the safety police here, but please be careful with leaving that electric heater on in the camper Drew. I understand your reasoning, but a guy about a mile away from me did something similar a couple of years ago and ended up burning the camper and his house to the ground. Luckily everyone got out of the house.
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Just curious, what is sticking up behind your rear bumper on the car? Tried to zoom in and still can't make it out
Tow bar. Standard 50 mm ball
If tractor is busy I can do such tricks :ROFLMAO:
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25 going to 42, then down to 17. Time to leave the cabinet doors open under the sinks.

BEF, glad son arrived home safely. My New York son prefers to drive down here in the middle of the night to avoid all the traffic.

Who knew a Tesla could tow?

Had a great hike up at the lake yesterday. But almost nobody there on such a pretty day.
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34°, won’t rise much and getting colder tonight. Been windy.
Woke early with leg cramp and headache.
Not sure what I’ll get into today. Maybe not much, I’ve been good at that lately. My lazyboy has been in no danger of floating away.
Snagglepuss spent the afternoon yesterday sleeping on our bed. I would have kept her in last night but she didn’t come back around at bedtime.
Drew, glad trip went well, and thanks again for the visit. Weather sure has changed since then.