Good morning!!!!

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37 going to 53.
I had time to think of many things for which I'm grateful, and certainly my wife was at the top. Tomorrow makes 45 years married.

She's going back today to visit her mom, and I'm sending food, especially trifle. Otherwise, I'll be too tempted.
It sounds like you really "earned your keep", cooking the whole meal. Congrats on y'all's anniversary. Hope the wife helping the mom turns out to be a blessing for all.

I surprised myself the day before Thanksgiving... stepped on the scale for the first time in months.....

I was "stuck" for a few months at the 200 lb. mark.... just couldn't get below that after loosing 50 lbs.
WooHoo! 189.6 lbs was the winner!

Curiosity got me this morning...... stepped on the scale --- 188.2 lbs.... after eating all the good stuff yesterday?
Not complaining at all. Hopefully the trend will continue....
Congrats on the weight loss. I read the meme, where we are all supposed to turn our scales back 15 lbs the day before Thanksgiving.

Brother still not back to 100% so he goes in for more stress tests next week.

I am still nauseous all the time, but the pills help and was able to eat turkey, stuffing and a small amount of mashed potatoes without losing it. Definitely am improvement.
Prayers for you and your brother to get better.

Today starts another trip around the sun. 77 completed.
Happy Birthday David! I wish I could drive over there and we could play some Texas Hold "em on your gaming table (Nickel ante of course LOL). And a cool draft off of your craft brew. I hope you get a big piece of cake!

My silly 13yo son. Prefers 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly sammiches over Turkey/dressing leftovers. He's been doing some fishing at the pond, caught a nice one the other day but the pic didn't come out well...or so he all know how fishermen lie. :)

My thoughts on smoked turkey....It is delicious if moist and it makes the absolute best leftover sammiches but, I prefer traditional at TG.
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Good Evening ,
We have some visitors in the field this late afternoon!
Four small fawns !


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27F clear sky wind dying down.

Been good day got everything done I wanted and than some.
Plans for the some football with feet up and desert.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Good (Saturday) morning. Overnight Low of 15.3C and it's presently 21.8C, overcast & calm. The BOM actually got it right when they 'predicted' rain; there was 15.3mm in the gauge @ 0900 with more rain to come throughout the day. The tanks are full. YAY!

All 'in town' tasks completed yesterday and Sister had no problem getting blood samples on the first go! My veins have a tendency to collapse, even when I 'hydrate' prior to.

It looks like I got the correct 'wet' food for Penelope. Mind you, reading the box that the individual pouches come in, 'they' have "improved the recipe" so that could be a factor. Oh, well... she'll get used to it.

So, it looks to be a lazy, rainy day and I'm loking forward to it.

That's about it, take care all.