Good morning!!!!

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Sounds like everyone had an enjoyable turkey day, us as well.

Nice 40° and mostly sunny today. Cleaned the last of the leaves from the driveway, the rest of the yard is good enough till spring! Changed the oil and ran the generator for awhile, won’t hurt my feelings if it’s not needed this winter.
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30F and cloudy @ 19:00, heading down to around 26F overnight, the high today was 43F ... but that was a little after 01:00 this morning.

Went out to move van to unload it, battery was dead again ... 🤬 ... so hooked up the charger and checked that all the doors were closed and the interior light was off.

Then grabbed two bags of heater stuff and brought those inside. Still need to grab two 10' lengths of 1/2" black pipe, 10' piece of uni-strut, and the heater itself. Won't do those until I get the van over closer to the garage door.

Probably run down to Autozone tomorrow after it's charged up and have them run a load test on it. Shouldn't really be bad ... battery is only a year or two old ... but maybe I got a bad one.

After that I refilled the hopper feeder, both tube feeders, and one suet feeder. It's been a week or more since I refilled them. Also scattered some cracked and whole corn for the ground feeders.

Wasn't long after that a couple of deer showed up, and there were a couple more over in the neighbor's woods. So decided to run a bucket of whole corn up to the feeder behind the shop. Expect it will be empty by tomorrow morning. Don't know how they manage in the cold.

Took a bin of recyclables up to the road while I was at it.

After I got back I figured out where I wanted the thermostat and got it mounted on the wall in the garage next to the door going into the kitchen. Will make it easy to just open the door and flip the heater on or raise the temp dial.

Then I mounted the ground bar in the sub-panel. Still trying to locate studs in the wall so I can mount the panel.

Stopped for dinner of turkey, mashed tatters and gravy and green bean casserole.

About to take the sediment filter and new furnace filters down to the basement. Probably put one of the furnace filters in while I'm down there.

Then grab some of the 1/2" black pipe that I'll be using out in the garage along with the pipe wrench and start putting that together.

Got some cleaning and straightening up done out in the garage earlier, probably do some of that before I knock off.

Hope everyone had a good Black Friday ... (y)
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Good evening all. 74ºF for the start, overcast with areas of rain, breezy. Moderate wind, periods of rain and sun, and high temp of 82ºF. We had to pack up and move, after pack up, had till some time, went to two beaches, and lunch interesting time to find place. Helped cook dinner. No nap:eek:(n) not much activity tonight.
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Drinking hot cup of coffee. 14° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 37° with cloudy skies. I see ice on garden pond this morning. Did not go Black Friday shopping. Found what I wanted on Internet. Got back barn cleaned and moved mower to it after mowing some leaves into rows so they can be picked up with Trak-Vac. Never got to tractor and snow blade. That will be on the list today.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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good Saturday morning all
40 in Washington NC, floor in rv a little cold but electric heat keeping rest warm.

decided to not drive 7 hours on my last day and instead of staying two days at a private beach South of VA Beach, just staying one tonight and then heading on to Delaware and breaking up the return trip by one more night. It's going to rain on Sunday anyway so might as well keep driving. I have to be home on Monday for doc appt Tuesday.

Washington NC is a delightful Southern small city with a beautiful waterfront and an active downtown. A downtown that was half empty five years ago so quite a revival. Helps that it is county seat of Beaufort Co, so enough lawyers here to support good restaurants plus a comprehensive hospital system locally with lots of medical folks here. Challenge is raising a family here because schools are very poorly rated.
Anyone with any resources has to send their kids to private school. Taxes are super low, my all in taxes on a 25 acre farm was 1800 bucks a year here. So it's a great place to retire.

I mixed some crab with shrimp remoulade leftover last night and it was sinfully good. Glad I have a little left.

good morning Ron, you and I are often typing at same time...
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Hello and Good Morning !
Actually it's launch time here already ;)


Happy Birthday Mr Sodamo !


-2 ºC, have got like 5 cm / 2 in of fresh snow. Snowblower time. My silly dog is soooo exited. I mean, pic says it all
IMG_6045 (1).jpeg

Already back from shop run. Enjoyed some BF discounts. Wife got new bedsheets. I have tool fetish, she have fetish on bed linen. :ROFLMAO:

Oldest daughter is coming today. She is saving her money on food and try to eat at our house as much as she can. Typical student behavior. I was the same :ROFLMAO: So we got for her some nice pieces of meat and beans

In one hour will leave with smallest kids for their basketball game. Today it's friendly, vs some new team. Coach says will be like wall in park.

Later should blow snow at new office


Tomorrow early start for rancho run. Have to take tractor back from there. Forecast says next 2 weeks will be full of snow.
Will be rather challenging drive. There is a lot of snow all over country

That's about it.
Have a nice weekend !